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3D printing materials are an integral part of working with a 3D printer. In the GLOBAL 3D store, we offer a wide selection of consumables for 3D printing, which allow you to obtain high-quality prints and increase work efficiency. Our offer includes various types of 3D printing materials that are tailored to different needs and requirements of customers. Check the available offer and choose products tailored to your needs.

Available types of filaments for 3D printers

In the GLOBAL 3D store's offer you will find 3D printing materials in various types and colors. We offer, among others:

  • PLA filament - a material for 3D printing, which is characterized by ease of printing, low shrinkage and a wide range of colors. PLA filament for a 3D printer is ideal for printing items with low required mechanical strength.
  • ABS filament - this material is characterized by high mechanical strength and resistance to temperature. ABS filament for 3D printing was created for printing items that require strength and durability.
  • PETG filament - is another material that stands out due to its high mechanical strength, resistance to temperature and ease of printing. PETG filament is particularly suitable for printing items that require robustness and must remain durable.
  • TPU filament - is a flexible 3D printing material that is both durable and highly flexible. TPU filament is used for printing flexible and flexible elements.
  • Other materials - in the offer of the GLOBAL 3D store you will also find other materials for 3D printing, such as PC filament, PVA filament, < b>HIPS filament or Nylon filament, as well as many other types of filaments.

SLS resins and powders for 3D printing

In addition to standard filaments for 3D printing, SLS resins and powders are also available on the market. These are materials with unique properties that allow you to obtain prints of very high quality and precision.

3D printing resins are characterized by high hardness, scratch resistance and excellent surface finish. They are often used to print elements with very complex shapes, such as dental models, jewelry or figurines.

SLS (Selective Laser Sintering) powders are materials used in industrial printers to produce elements of high precision and mechanical strength. The printing process consists in gradually applying layers of powder and hardening them with a laser. Thanks to this, printouts of very high surface quality and resistance to mechanical damage are obtained.

When choosing resins or SLS powders for 3D printers, it is worth paying attention to their physical properties and compatibility with a given 3D printer model. Thanks to the right selection of materials, it is possible to obtain prints with unusual properties that will be successfully used in many industries.

3D printer consumables - what benefits do they bring?

Choosing the right materials for 3D printing is crucial for obtaining high-quality prints and increasing work efficiency. The right materials for 3D printers allow you to save time and costs, because printing with them reduces the consumption of time or energy. What's more, choosing the right materials will allow you to increase the durability and resistance to damage of printed elements. However, remember to choose the right material, depending on the needs and expectations of your industry.