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Types of 3D printing technology

Darmowe programy do projektowania 3D

Promocja na drukarki 3D marki Zortrax

New filaments from the Barrus company - Available now.

New filaments from the Barrus company - Prices from 85 PLN.

Educational robots

Probably every man was dreaming about robots in his childhood, building them with blocks, and imagining what powers he had. Today, In today's times when technological progress is so significant, we can offer your kids unique constructions that will surely develop in every boy an interest in mechanics. This is because we offer our clients educational robots for children, ready to build and program. Together with dad, a small builder can build his first machine and then manage it. A particularly attractive model is the humanoid robot, whose price is definitely low in relation to its functionality. The whole structure is immediately ready to program and manage its movements, resembling a moving human. Our robots are also great for use in classes at schools and colleges, helping deepen knowledge in the field of robotics, mechatronics, electronics, computer science and many others. Choose the educational products we offer, and you will surely make your child find a new passion in his life!

Educational robots

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