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In SLA (Stereolitography) technology, the idea is to allow the surface of a cuvette with a liquid resin to be illuminated with a specific frequency, which will polymerise and harden the resin layer. This light is applied locally either by means of a laser and control of the place of incidence of the beam, or by means of a projector that displays the given layer and hardens the whole layer at once. After the layer has been cured, the object is moved into the cuvette and another layer is created, which sticks to the previous one. There have been large, expensive, industrial printers working on the SLA for years. However, in home conditions this technology is just beginning. Its potential great advantage is the accuracy much higher than at the FDA (especially when it comes to the size of details) and, with the use of projector technology, quite a lot (because the entire layer would be created at the same time). Such printers are also virtually silent, because the whole mechanics boils down to moving the Z axis by a fraction of a millimeter every few seconds. In addition, the control is also very easy: after cutting into layers, a simple program for moving the work table and ... Powerpoint in the automatic slide change mode for displaying subsequent layers on the projector is enough.


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