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eMotion-Tech 3D printers

eMotion-Tech is a manufacturer of 3D printers for industry, education and private individuals. Founded in 2012, eMotionTech quickly found success commercializing RepRap kits for individuals and schools. In 2017, eMotionTech switched to designing and manufacturing professional additive manufacturing solutions. The eMotionTech company, established as one of the French leaders in the design and production of 3D printers for industrial applications. Discover our range of innovative, industrial 3D printers who strive for perfection in their designs.

Why eMotion-Tech?

eMotion-Tech is a recognized brand on the 3D printing market, distinguished not only by quality, but also by advanced features. Each eMotion-Tech printer combines precision, reliability and performance, allowing you to create complex models without compromise. It is an ideal tool for enterprises from various industries, such as prototyping, medicine, architecture, aerospace and automotive.

Unique models of eMotion-Tech 3D printers

Our store offers a wide selection of eMotion-Tech models, designed to meet the most demanding customer expectations. Thanks to the use of the latest technologies, these models are unique on the market and allow the implementation of even the most ambitious projects.

1. eMotion-Tech Strateo3D IDEX420

The Strateo3D IDEX420 is a pioneer in the world of 3D printing, providing unparalleled print quality and excellent performance. Thanks to the IDEX (Independent Dual Extruders) system, this printer allows you to print two different materials simultaneously, which increases productivity and gives you great creative possibilities. Precise calibration, large working surface and intuitive software are just some of the features that make this printer an indispensable tool for demanding professionals.

2. eMotion-Tech Strateo3D DUAL600

The Strateo3D DUAL600 model is a proposal for those who are looking for excellent quality prints, while maintaining an affordable price. This eMotion-Tech 3D printer not only offers exceptional value for money, but also offers a large build surface that allows you to create larger and more complex models. The eMotion-Tech DUAL600 is the perfect choice for businesses that need a reliable device for everyday printing.

eMotion-Tech from Global 3D - reliability and technical support

At Global3D, we not only offer the highest quality eMotion-Tech 3D printers, but also provide full technical support for our customers. Our team of experienced experts provides assistance at every stage, from advice on choosing the right model, through installation and configuration, to solving any problems. Our goal is to ensure you are fully satisfied with your purchase and minimize downtime in your business.

Order your eMotion-Tech 3D printer today!

If you are an entrepreneur who strives for excellence in your projects, the eMotion-Tech 3D printer is the perfect choice for you. Thanks to unmatched quality, advanced technologies and technical support, eMotion-Tech will not only provide you with excellent prints, but also ensure that your investments in 3D printing are profitable and effective.

Order your eMotion-Tech model today in the Global3D store and enter the next level in the world of 3D printing. Be the innovation leader in your industry and gain a competitive advantage with our specialized 3D printers.

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