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SMARTTECH MICRON3D color 24MPix 3D scanner

The 3D MICRON3D color scanner 24Mpix is ​​a comprehensive solution that allows for detailed digitization of the object, as well as the creation of three-dimensional models for games, animations and 3D printing.


MICRON3D color 24 MPix

3D scanner MICRON3D color 24MPix

Detailed digitization of the object

3D scanner MICRON3D color 24MPix

3D scanner MICRON3D color 24MPix is intended mainly for precise and perpetual color archiving of historic objects taking place both in 3D scanning laboratories as well as during excavations and field works. The device is also perfect for 3D animations, computer games and 3D printing.

3D scanner MICRON3D color 24MPix

MICRON3D color 24 MPix

MICRON3D color 24 MPix is ​​a device equipped with the highest resolution detector available on the market - 24MPix. The combination of very high measurement density (up to 1000 points / mm2) with 24-bit color reproduction enables documentation of the smallest details such as microcracks or tool marks on the object.

3D scanner MICRON3D color 24MPix ensures high resolution and accuracy. This allows you to obtain information about very complex structures such as ceramic decoration, clothes, oil canvases. The device has a sensitive detector that allows you to easily scan shiny and dark objects. Integration with the shadowless system allows obtaining high quality real color of the scanned object.


The scanner housing and support structure are made of modern and durable carbon fiber, which is resistant to fluctuations in ambient temperature. The device has a special solution inside the scanner that dampens vibrations. The inside of the scanner has been secured with an easy to clean, replaceable dustproof filter.

Skaner 3D MICRON3D color 24MPix Construction

3D scanner MICRON3D color 24MPix does not require calibration every time. The "plug & play" system means that the device can be started immediately after connecting. The device has been designed to allow the use of the scanner by people without specialist technical knowledge.

3D scanner MICRON3D color 24MPix Kit Contents

Kit Contents

The standard version of the scanner includes dedicated SMARTTECH3Dmeasure software, a stable tripod with a tilt and swivel head, positioning lasers and a transport case.


The software enables handling large amounts of measurement data. SMARTTECH3Dmeasure allows you to perform and dimension virtual cross-sections of the object, automatically calculating the area of ​​the object and the perimeter. Advanced features and intelligent algorithms allow you to create documentation and 3D models in a very simple way. In addition, the new functionality which is the change of sensor sensitivity parameters allows you to scan objects with a dark color.

Oprogramowanie SMARTTECH3Dmeasure

To fully enable the freedom of 3D scanning, different versions of the MICRON3D color 24 MPix 3D scanner are available. You can adapt the device to the needs of each user.

Technical Specifications 24 Mpix

Scan technology: Structured white LED light

Measuring field
150 x 200200 x 300300 x 400400 x 600
Distance between points
0,033 0,050 0,067 0,100
900 400 225 100
40 50 70 100

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