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The SMARTTECH3D MED 3D scanner is a device with an increased scanning speed and an increased quality of color collection of the scanned object. The scanner is mainly intended for the complex measurement of human body shapes.




Technology to digitize the human body


SMARTTECH3D MED is a device with increased scanning speed and increased quality of color collection of the scanned object. The scanner is mainly intended for the complex measurement of human body shapes.



3D scanner SMARTTECH3D MED uses white structured light measurement technology, which makes the scanned person feel safe and comfortable. The measurement result allows quick planning of the operation, accurate dimensional analysis of skin lesions, design of a dedicated prosthesis and creation of visualization.

The technology used in SMARTTECH scanners is used on a daily basis in various industries. SMARTTECH technology allows for quick measurement, and the "plug & scan" system means that the device does not require any calibration and allows you to work immediately after switching on.

Human body scan

3D scanner SMARTTECH3D MED has the ability to scan the human body with lots of details. It is very helpful in the medical and artistic environment when creating video games and animations. With the SMARTTECH3D MED scanner, the process of creating a digital human model takes only a few minutes.

3D scanner SMARTTECH3D MED Human body scan

SMARTTECH3D MED is equipped with a specialized image capture system. This system reduces the scanning time to 0.7 seconds, which is very important when scanning a living organism. Dedicated optics with adjustable white balance and contrast allow you to get the right color of the scanned surface, which makes the analysis of skin changes even easier.

3D scanner SMARTTECH3D MED Construction


3D scanner SMARTTECH3D MED has a solid steel housing and a supporting structure inside the scanner, which is made of modern and durable carbon fiber. This provides the best protection and stability for sensitive optics.


The SMARTTECH3D MED scanning head can be integrated with other 3D scanning units from this product line. This enables automatic measurement from several sides at the same time, providing several point clouds connected together on a computer screen. This allows you to create a virtual patient enabling you to plan your surgery and the possibility of more accurate analysis and measurement.

3D scanner SMARTTECH3D MED compatibility

The stationary arrangement of several 3D scanners relative to the scanned object allows for repeatability of the measurement results, which is very difficult to obtain using hand-held scanners. This solution allows for full automation of measurements, which allows you to scan up to several hundred people in one day.

3D scanner SMARTTECH3D MED Kit Contents

Kit Contents

The scanner is equipped with specialized, multi-functional software with a very intuitive interface - SMARTTECH3Dmeasure.


The software enables handling large amounts of measurement data. SMARTTECH3Dmeasure allows you to perform and dimension virtual cross-sections of the object, automatically calculating the area of ​​the object and the perimeter. Advanced features and intelligent algorithms allow you to create documentation and 3D models in a very simple way. In addition, the new functionality which is the change of sensor sensitivity parameters allows you to scan objects with a dark color.

Oprogramowanie SMARTTECH3Dmeasure

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