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THOR3D 3D scanners

Thor3D 3D scanners are devices that are revolutionizing the industrial world of three-dimensional scanning. If you are an entrepreneur who strives for excellence in your industry, then Thor3D is the tool you need. In this category of Thor3D 3D scanners you will find everything you need to accurately and precisely scan objects in three dimensions.

Why Thor3D?

Thor3D 3D scanners are synonymous with excellent precision and quality. Thanks to advanced technology and an innovative approach, Thor3D scanners are able to reproduce objects with incredible accuracy, preserving every detail. This is the perfect tool for companies that cannot afford to compromise on quality.

Although Thor3D 3D scanners are technologically advanced, they are also extremely easy to use. The devices have been created so that every entrepreneur can benefit from the powerful capabilities of 3D scanning, without the need for long-term training or experience in the field of 3D technology.

Thanks to the exceptional scanning speed, Thor3D 3D scanners enable comprehensive scans to be carried out in record time. This means greater efficiency of the work process and faster return on investment.

Thor3D Calibry and Calibry Mini scanner

Thor3D Calibry is the flagship product in our offer of 3D scanners. It includes advanced features such as millimeter measurement accuracy, as well as a wide range of industrial applications from product design to medicine.

The Thor3D Calibry Mini 3D scanner is the perfect solution for those who need a compact but highly efficient scanning device. It is an excellent choice for entrepreneurs who want portability without sacrificing quality.

Choose the Thor3D 3D scanner from Global3D

Thor3D 3D scanners available at Global3D are the key to achieving excellence in 3D scanning. Our devices offer excellent quality, ease of use and scanning speed, as well as a wide range of applications in various industries. By choosing Global3D, you choose a partner who is a leader in the field of 3D technology and always provides comprehensive support.

Invest in the future of your business with Thor3D 3D scanners available at Global3D. Discover excellence in 3D scanning today!

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Calibry 3D scanner


Calibry 3D scanner


Calibry is a lightweight, small size 3D scanner that is designed to scan medium and large objects (from 20 cm to 10 m). The Calibry 3D scanner achieves a resolution of up to...