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List of products by brand Zortrax

3D printers of the Polish producer Zortrax.

Zortrax 3D printers work in a specially created environment for them, which makes the entire printing process simple, fast and high quality. Z-Suite software is part of the whole system. This is software provided by the manufacturer free of charge to its customers which is used to prepare 3D models for the printer. Its intriguing characteristic is its intuitive functionality, which allows even an inexperienced user to learn how to operate it quickly. It contains all the necessary functions needed for the correct print setting. Because Zortrax offers a closed system that also includes the manufacturer's materials, all of the technological parameters have been closed in profiles created for all filaments. There is no need to enter data such as the temperature of the nozzle and the table, the speed of the head or its acceleration, and the producer took care of it. It is also possible to easily edit spatial models. This makes it unnecessary to run additional software to make simple fixes, which greatly speeds up the preparation of the model for printing.

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