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GLOBAL 3D jest oficjalnym dystrybutorem drukarek 3D Raise3D

The GLOBAL 3D company is the official distributor of Raise3D 3D printers in Poland. The purchase of 3D printers in our company is a guarantee of receiving an original device from distribution on the Polish market as well as fast and professional technical support. We run a professional 3D printer service center and offer spare parts dedicated by the manufacturer. In addition, we offer implementation training for the purchased device.

In today's dynamic world of 3D printing, the real power lies in the complexity and quality of the components that make up our printers. In the Global3D online store, we would like to offer a unique offer of Raise3D parts and accessories. It is here, in the heart of innovative technologies, that precision of workmanship, state-of-the-art solutions and reliability meet, in line with the manufacturer's own philosophy.

Raise3D accessories - innovations at your fingertips

    • Raise3D DF WASH - effective cleaning for best results

Raise3D DF Wash is an innovative device that changes the way we think about cleaning 3D models. Ensures effective removal of supports and material remnants, leaving the print in perfect shape. The use of the latest technologies makes the cleaning process not only effective, but also gentle on the structure of the model.

    • Raise3D PRO work platform - a solid basis for perfect prints

The build platform is the foundation of successful printing. The Raise3D Pro3 platform is a solution that ensures stability, smoothness and even support for your projects. A properly designed structure guarantees that the layers of your model are even and precise, and the final effect is stunning.

    • Raise3D replaceable HotEnd - flexibility for creative challenges

Replaceable HotEnd is a key element for diversity and creativity in 3D printing. Raise3D offers high-quality HotEnds that allow you to easily switch between different materials. Change your designs without changing your printer.

    • Raise3D nozzles - little details that determine the detail

Details matter, and the Raise3D nozzle guarantees precision on a micro scale. Available in various diameters, they can be adapted to individual needs. Choose the appropriate Raise3D nozzle and enjoy perfect details in every print.

    • Raise3D PRO2 – printing surface - precision you can feel

Raise3D Pro2 is a printer known for its reliability and excellent print quality. However, it is the specially designed printing surface that gives the project additional value. Resistance to deformation, excellent adhesion and easy removal of models are features that will make your printing process even more enjoyable.

Raise3D Enhancement Kit - Customize and boost performance

Raise3D also offers upgrade kits that will allow you to adapt the printer to the latest standards. Increase efficiency, improve precision and enjoy great results using dedicated solutions.

By purchasing Raise3D accessories in the Global3D store, you are investing in perfection and the certainty that your 3D printing projects will reach a new level of quality. We are proud to be able to supply products from a renowned manufacturer that constantly raises the bar in the field of 3D printing.

Accessories and parts for Raise3D 3D printers - innovation in your hands

Raise3D parts and accessories available at Global3D are the key to unlimited creativity and perfection in 3D printing. Reliability, solidity and precision are the values ​​of Raise3D, and we, as a Global3D store, are proud that we can pass them on to our customers. Give your projects a new quality by choosing Raise3D accessories today.

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Raise3D DF Cure


Raise3D DF Cure


Raise3D DF Cure is an essential device for curing ready-made resin prints. The device is compatible with the Raise3D DF2 3D printer.