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Global3D - an online store specializing in providing high-quality 3D printers and 3D scanners, is pleased to present a wide range of Shining3D parts and accessories. As an authorized Shining3D distributor, we are proud to provide our customers with access to innovative solutions that will help develop their 3D printing projects.

Shining3D products – meet the world leader in 3D printing

Shining3D is a world leader in 3D printing and 3D scanning technology. This is a manufacturer that has been providing innovative solutions for professionals in the industry for years. Thanks to advanced software, high-quality 3D printers and 3D scanners, Shining3D enables users to achieve excellent results in their projects.

Reliable parts for Shining3D 3D printers and scanners

In our store, we offer a wide selection of Shining3D parts that allow you to expand and improve your 3D printer or scanner. Our products are original, high quality and ensure reliability and excellent print quality. Among the available Shining3D parts you will find:

  • Reference points – markers
    Shining3D reference points are magnetic markers that enable 3D laser scanners to properly scan 3D objects. Thanks to these markers, scanning becomes more precise and reliable, which translates into excellent quality and accuracy of scanned models.
  • Shining3D FabWash - a washer for rinsing models
    Shining3D FabWash is an innovative device that has been designed specifically for effective and efficient rinsing of models printed in resin. It allows you to remove the remains of uncured resin after printing, ensuring optimal cleanliness and quality of the 3D print. Thanks to Shining3D FabWash you will achieve excellent results and increase the efficiency of your work.
  • Shining3D FabCure 2 - device for hardening prints
    Shining3D FabCure 2 is a professional device for hardening resin prints. Thanks to advanced technology, FabCure 2 ensures quick and effective hardening of prints, guaranteeing them exceptional strength and durability. This reliable tool will help you achieve perfect results in 3D printing and ensure long-term use of your prints.
  • EinScan Color Pack
    EinScan Color Pack by Shining3D is a unique kit that allows you to fully capture the color and texture details of the scanned 3D object. It includes a special texture camera that ensures high quality and accurate color reproduction. Thanks to EinScan Color Pack, your 3D scanning will become even more realistic and impressive.

In our store you will also find other Shining3D parts that will work well with both scanners and 3D printers. All of these elements are carefully selected to provide you with the best possible 3D printing experience.

Original accessories for Shining3D 3D scanners and printers

In addition to parts, we also offer a wide selection of Shining3D accessories that will help you in the 3D printing process. Ouraccessories are perfectly matched to Shining3D3D printers and scanners and ensure the highest quality and performance. Below are some of our accessories:

  • Transport case for Shining3D 3D scanners - The Shining3D portable transport case is specially designed to ensure the safe storage and transportation of 3D scanners. Made of durable material, it provides excellent protection against mechanical damage and ensures comfort while traveling. With this case, you can be sure that your Shining3D 3D scanner is safe and ready to work anywhere.
  • EinScan Industrial Pack - EinScan Industrial Pack by Shining3D is a complete set enabling scanning with high accuracy and detail. The pack includes everything you need to get the best 3D scanning results. Thanks to continuous scanning without or using a turntable, the EinScan Industrial Pack ensures exceptional precision and quality of scanned objects.
  • EinScan HD Prime Pack - EinScan HD Prime Pack is a set of an additional camera that allows scanning with increased resolution. HD Prime Pack allows you to obtain even more detailed and precise scans. Thanks to this set, you can achieve excellent results in 3D scanning and meet the most demanding needs.
  • Shining3D FootStation Pack - Shining3D FootStation Pack is a complete set for scanning feet. It contains special devices and software that enable precise scanning and analysis of the foot, which is extremely useful in fields such as medicine, footwear design and sports. Thanks to this package, you can precisely tailor your products to the individual needs of your customers.
  • Shining3D Power Bank - Shining3D Power Bank is a portable device that ensures longer operation of the 3D scanner. It is intended for 3D scanners from the EinScan Pro and H series by Shining3D. Thanks to Shining3D Power Bank, you can extend the operating time of your 3D scanner and increase your efficiency. This reliable power source means that your work does not have to be interrupted by the need to charge the device.

Shining3D accessories and parts - summary

Global3D - online store with 3D printers and 3D scanners, is an authorized distributor of Shining3D parts and accessories. Our offer includes high-quality parts and accessories that will help you develop your 3D printing projects. Thanks to cooperation with Shining3D, we can provide our clients with access to innovative solutions that will ensure excellent results. Choose Global3D and enjoy professional Shining3D 3D printing parts and accessories that will meet your expectations.

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