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In the Global3D online store, we offer a wide selection of high-quality Trilab parts and accessories for 3D printers. Trilab is a renowned manufacturer that has been recognized among industry professionals for years thanks to innovative solutions and the reliability of its products. If you are looking for comprehensive and advanced 3D printing accessories, Trilab is a brand you can count on.

Choose from our unique Trilab parts and accessories

Trilab QuadPrint - expand the capabilities of your 3D printer

One of our recommended products is Trilab QuadPrint - an innovative external device that allows printing from up to 4 materials at the same time. With QuadPrint, you can achieve even greater printing versatility and precision. This makes your creation process more effective and efficient. This product is dedicated to Trilab DeltiQ 2 Plus and DeltiQ 2 3D printers. Enjoy more creative freedom and discover new possibilities with Trilab QuadPrint.

TRILAB PrintHead AzteQ - excellent print quality

If you care about the highest quality of printing, we recommend TRILAB PrintHead AzteQ - a light print head that is attached with magnets. This solution ensures easy and quick replacement of the 0.6 mm diameter hardened nozzle. Thanks to this, you can print with a variety of technical and composite materials. TRILAB PrintHead AzteQ is a guarantee that your prints will be perfectly made, regardless of the materials used.

TRILAB PrintPad Rough and PrintPad Smooth - work tables with various surfaces

Our offer also includes two versions of magnetic, flexible worktable surfaces: TRILAB PrintPad Rough and TRILAB PrintPad Smooth. PrintPad Rough is a textured surface that is perfect for Trilab AzteQ Industrial and Trilab AzteQ Dynamic printers. Its structure allows the model to be securely attached and minimizes the risk of shifting during printing. PrintPad Smooth is a smooth worktable surface, ideal for the Trilab DeltiQ 2 Plus and DeltiQ 2 printers. Both worktables ensure reliability and precision, improving the quality of your 3D prints.

Discover more Trilab accessories and parts in the Global3D store

Trilab accessories for 3D printing are only part of our extensive offer. In the Global3D online store you will also find a wide selection of 3D printers and scanners and other necessary accessories. All our products are carefully selected to ensure the highest quality and satisfaction with your purchases. Therefore, if you are looking for high-quality parts and accessories for Trilab 3D printers, the Global3D store is your safe choice.

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TRILAB QuadPrint


TRILAB QuadPrint


Trilab QuadPrint is an external device that allows you to print from up to 4 materials at a time. QuadPrint is designed for Trilab DeltiQ 2 Plus and DeltiQ 2 3D printers.