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At the Global3D online store, we specialize in providing high-quality 3D printers and 3D scanners that meet the most demanding needs of our customers. In our store, we cooperate with the renowned manufacturer Zortrax, which offers innovative solutions for 3D printing. Our offer includes a wide selection of Zortrax parts and accessories that will allow you to get the maximum benefits from your 3D printer.

Selected parts and accessories for Zortrax

Zortrax nozzles - Precision and durability for your 3D printing

Zortrax nozzles are essential accessories for every 3D printer owner. Thanks to precise workmanship and high-quality materials, Zortrax nozzles guarantee excellent print quality. Available in various diameters, they allow you to adapt the printing process to your individual needs. Regardless of whether you are printing precise models or larger elements, Zortrax nozzles will provide you with reliability and efficiency.

Zortrax Curing Station - Highlight the beauty of your 3D models

Zortrax Curing Station is an advanced post-processing device that enables exposure of three-dimensional models printed from photopolymer resins with UV light. Thanks to this process, it is possible to achieve the desired mechanical and aesthetic properties, such as strength, surface smoothness and improved durability. Using Zortrax Curing Station, you can highlight the beauty and details of your 3D models, giving them a professional look.

Zortrax Cleaning Station - Perfect final processing of your models

Zortrax Cleaning Station is a professional device created especially for the final processing of printed models made of the most professional and demanding resins. Removing uncured resin from model surfaces has never been easier. Thanks to Zortrax Cleaning Station you can achieve a perfect end result, giving your models not only a beautiful appearance, but also exceptional quality. Regardless of the complexity of your project, this device will provide you with perfectly clean and well-prepared models for further applications.

Zortrax Apoller - Surface smoothing at a new level of quality

Zortrax Apoller is a desktop device that provides intelligent smoothing of the surfaces of 3D models, guaranteeing industrial quality of work. Thanks to advanced algorithms and precise control, Zortrax Apoller enables smoothing the surfaces of models made of various materials, such as ABS, ASA, Z-ULTRAT Plus and others. This innovative smoothing process improves the aesthetics and durability of your models, giving them a professional look and adding value to their use.

Zortrax DSS Station: Integrate the support removal process in one place

If you own a Zortrax INVENTURE 3D printer, Zortrax DSS Station is for you. This dedicated station is designed to remove supports made of Z-SUPPORT material. Thanks to the integrated ecosystem created by the Zortrax DSS Station and the Zortrax INVENTURE 3D printer, you can enjoy a simple and convenient process of removing supports. Zortrax DSS Station ensures effective and reliable support removal, leaving your 3D models ready for further applications.

Perfect 3D printer platforms - For even better results

Our offer also includes various types of platforms for the Zortrax 3D printer. Perforated platforms are perfect for printing models, where excellent adhesion and stability are crucial. We assure you that you will find the right platform that will allow you to achieve even better 3D printing results.

Choose Zortrax parts and accessories from Global3D

Discover the full range of Zortrax parts and accessories in the Global3D online store. Our products are created with the highest quality and excellent performance in mind. We always focus on the satisfaction of our customers and will be happy to advise you in choosing the right accessories for your 3D printer. Regardless of your needs, Global3D's offer includes various types of Zortrax accessories and parts that you need.

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Zortrax Apoller


Zortrax Apoller


Zortrax Apoller is a desktop device for intelligent surface smoothing of 3D models with fumes, guaranteeing industrial quality of work.

Zortrax DSS Station


Zortrax DSS Station


DSS station dedicated for Zortrax INVENTURE 3D printer. The station is designed to remove supports made of Z-SUPPORT material. The DSS station combined with the Zortrax...