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Camper revolutionizes the footwear design process through 3D printing

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Camper is one of the most successful Spanish shoe companies. The brand is known for its innovative designs and highly developed production technology.

Zastosowanie drukarek 3D BCN3D w produkcji butów

Camper is one of the most successful Spanish footwear companies, with sales of 4 million pairs of shoes per year. The brand is also known for its innovative designs and highly developed production technology. At the company's headquarters in Inca, Mallorca, the technical department streamlined the process of developing new collections by implementing 3D printers. 3D printing has greatly accelerated the design process, allowed for greater creative freedom and improved workflow, while the cost of prototyping new shoes has been significantly reduced.

The Camper design team has a maximum of three months to create each new collection. With such a time constraint, a fast, cost-effective solution is needed that allows for multiple testing and design changes with particular attention to maintaining the highest quality standards and ergonomics for each new shoe model.

Before the company started using 3D printing, it outsourced the production of physical models from external suppliers. The process was slow and costly, it took as long as two weeks to get a prototype, so each iteration of changes to the model had to be kept to a minimum, few new models were made.

Increasing your creative possibilities with 3D printing

The implementation of several BCN3D Sigma and Sigmax 3D printers in the production process started a total revolution and a real improvement in this process: now designers can test new shapes very quickly, engineers from the technical department transform these ideas into printable models and deliver them within 24 hours

As Job Willemsen, senior designer at Camper explains: “Working with BCN3D printers is very useful because any idea we have about the shape and dimensions of a shoe can be quickly and reliably verified on a model from a 3D printer. Not only does it shorten our workload, it also really fosters creativity. ”

Thanks to several 3D printers on site, Camper now has access to the visualization of new projects practically "on the spot". This is a huge advantage for designers as they can now check volumes, dimensions and geometric shapes that they couldn't visualize with a model on a computer screen. The path from an idea to its verification using 3D printing on BCN3D printers takes one day, thanks to which the entire team has the opportunity to further develop their creative potential.

The ease of access to rapid prototyping provided by the additive manufacturing technology on 3D printers allows you to take the risk associated with experiments on the final shape and properties of products. As designers or technicians, Camper employees do not have to worry about the high costs of making prototypes, thanks to which their creative possibilities are even greater than ever.

Druk 3D w produkcji butów

3D printing in shoe production?

The collections that Camper designs about a year in advance are very complex geometrically, and as it is well known, 3D printing is also associated with some kind of limitations, designers need a technology capable of reliably reproducing each model down to the detail. Is 3D printing able to cope with such complex and detailed shapes? It depends - on the choice of the right 3D printer.

This is why Camper chose BCN3D Sigma and Sigmax printers. Thanks to the double extruder system, it is possible to use water-soluble materials for printing support structures. Thanks to this, it is possible to work with more complex geometric shapes and reduce the design time of the entire collection. The large Sigmax printing surface provides enough space to fit each of the parts produced in the plant, so space never limits your creativity. The working area of ​​the BCN3D Sigmax printer can easily accommodate the entire shoe - even a larger one :)

3D printing has the potential to revolutionize the way companies design and manufacture parts and prototypes. For Camper, this technology meant an increase in creative possibilities, a significant acceleration of new product development and a reduction in costs related to the outsourcing of prototypes and a reduction in design time. Like them, designers and engineers around the world are working smarter and innovating faster with BCN3D printers. As an authorized distributor of the BCN3D brand in Poland, we provide assistance in the optimization of production processes, prototyping using 3D printing.

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