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Designing packaging on the example of designing tool cases.

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One of the many problems faced by our customers and partners is the purchase or production of transport cases dedicated to specific tools or devices. While in the first case it is not difficult, in the second case it turns out that the knowledge that should be acquired, the manufacturing equipment and the "know how", most often exceeds the capabilities of the persons concerned.

The GLOBAL 3D development department is also ready to help in such cases as always. After looking at the last request for help, we decided to address and review this case.

Construction of an assortment library and packaging design on the example of tool case design.

The manufacturer of this type of suitcase decided to direct its steps to GLOBAL 3D in order to find a way to improve and accelerate the production process. Until now, the production of suitcases and the interior of tool drawers was archaic and time-consuming, that is "on foot". The delegated employee manually dimensioned the tools and then created a sketch in CAM / CAD design programs, which was then exported to a CNC machine tool so that it would cut appropriate shapes in the foam / sponge to match the stored tool.

The Global 3D R&D department as a solution to this problem proposed building a unique tool library based on models created in the 3D scanning process. For this purpose, a high-quality and speed Shining 3D -EinScan Pro HD scanner was used, which created STL models oriented in space in less than 5 minutes.

EinScan Pro HD

EinScan Pro HD is a scanner characterized by speed and high resolution of fine details. The range of a single scan is 209 x 160 mm - 310 x 240 mm. Perfect for scanning dark and metal objects. The device enables the use of several scanning modes, thus increasing the scanning possibilities for a greater number of applications.

The EinScan Pro HD 3D scanner is a reliable device for designers and engineers who care about high-quality 3D modeling. The device is small, which allows you to easily move the scanner to any place. The scanner is easy to use and runs without complicated installation. The compact size offers unlimited scanning possibilities.

The prepared tool models were exported to the GEOMAGIC Essentials program, thanks to which it was possible for them to have features that allow them to be processed in CAD / CAM design programs. In this case, to create foams / sponges that line the inside of drawers or tool cases.

For quick reading of the dimensions needed to create the appropriate space in the foam / sponge surface, we used the ABViewer program that we had previously used. Thanks to the -Bounding Box option implemented in it, the program provides dimensions, in this case of a cuboid, which will be cut in the foam on a CNC machine.

Another option to create a tool outline that can later be used to cut more complex shapes is to use the popular, free Blender program. Thanks to which, after quick processing, we can export our outline to popular DWG or DXF formats.

In this or similar way, we are able to build a virtually unlimited library of our assortment, and then return to it at any time and use it if necessary without the laborious and long process of manual dimensioning.

In this case, scanning all tools is not necessary because the dimensions of the keys increase by a constant value - and thanks to the option of scaling objects in the processing programs, we are able to give them the desired dimensions.

The rest is a formality and in the hands of an efficient CAD / CAM system designer, the process of designing foam / sponge for a drawer or tool case is pure pleasure.

However, please remember that this is not a ready-made solution that can be transferred one-to-one to every problem. It is rather a signpost of how it can be done.

We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the GLOBAL 3D offer on our website and in other media. We will be happy to help you solve your problem.