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Glue Dimafix
  • Glue Dimafix

Dimafix spray

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Dimafix is a spray glue for use on 3D printers with a heated table.

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Dimafix makes it possible to obtain very good adhesion between the printout and the substrate (eg glass), it also allows easier removal of print from the table. The glue is intended for printers with a heated work table. You can print from various thermoplastic materials: ABS, PVA, Filaflex, Polypropylene, HIPS. The adhesion to the ground is activated when the table temperature reaches more than 50 ° C.

Four temperature zones at which DIMAFIX operates

Zone IV - temperature from 95°C to 120°C

Maximum adhesion of the printed element, of any size and shape without curling. This temperature range guarantees the best quality for the sharp edges and vertices of the printed element. Also recommended for printing a large number of elements at one time. The maximum tested printout size for this range is 480 mm x 240 mm for continuous printing 48 h.

Zone III - temperature from 75°C to 95°C

Zone of high print adhesion of any shape and size up to 200 mm x 200 mm. Good print quality without curling even when printing cooling is on. Also good results with long-lasting printing.

Zone II - temperature from 65°C to 75°C

The average adhesive power for simple elements without sharp edges and tips.

Zone I - temperature below 65°C

The print easily detaches from the table. After the table has cooled down, the printout should peel off by itself.

Glue Dimafix - presentation

Data sheet

400 ml

Data sheet

400 ml

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