Reference points - markers
  • Reference points - markers

Reference points - markers

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Magnetic markers enable laser 3D scanners to correctly scan a 3D object. The set includes 1000 pieces of 6mm tags.


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  • 6mm - 3000 pcs
  • Magnetic 6mm 500 pcs
  • 3mm - 2000 szt
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0.6mm magnetic markers for laser scanners

Reference points - markers

Markers are used during 3D scanning with laser 3D scanners. There are 6mm and 3mm markers in the amount of 3000 and 5000 pieces and 6mm magnetic markers in the amount of 500 pieces.

Magnetic markers for 3D scanners

Reference points

The object that we want to scan is marked with markers to allow the device to properly scan the 3D object. It is one of the most popular methods which consists in memorizing the position of a given marker, which is then combined scanned after scan into a single unit.

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