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Calibry Nest 3.2 new version of the software is now available.

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Calibry Nest is a combination of two programs: one "built-in" (pre-installed in the 3D scanner) and one designed for a desktop or laptop computer ..

The latest version of Calibry software is now available for download and contains many new useful tools and functions.

Calibry Nest 3.2

Calibry Nest

Calibry Nest

Calibry Nest is a combination of two programs: one "built-in" (pre-installed in a 3D scanner) and one designed for a desktop or laptop. Calibry Nest is used to support both the scanning process and subsequent processing of scans.


During scanning, the tool shows in real time on the touch screen exactly which parts of the object have already been scanned and which still need to be scanned. This is a useful feature for everyone when scanning, especially for service offices, which often have access to the facility for a limited time.

Calibry Nest Calibration quality

Calibration quality

Using this function before scanning allows you to check if the device requires calibration. This tool is useful for users who value accuracy. The better the calibration, the more accurate the data obtained.

Calibry Nest Distance Map

Distance Map

It allows you to compare two meshes to get information about the deviation in geometry. It is a useful tool for quality control engineers.


It allows cross-sections through any mesh to create 2D contours for later export to CAD in .SVG or .DXF format. This function is useful for reverse engineering specialists working in 2D and for tailors who need quick measurements.

Calibry Nest sections

Inverting normal

Reversing normal, you can rotate the grid "to the left" with one mouse click. This function is useful for engineers scanning body molds (mainly in the orthopedic and prosthetic industries).

Calibry Nest Inverting normal
Calibry Nest Inverting normal

Geodetic distance

The tool is used to calculate the shortest distance between two points on the surface. The function is available when working with a polygon mesh. A tool useful for quality control engineers.

Detection of false markers

Sometimes when scanning shiny surfaces, momentary glare may look like markers causing inaccuracies in the final mesh. The distinction between false and true surface markers during scanning solves this problem. This function is useful for users scanning shiny surfaces and requiring high accuracy.

Calibry Nest Detection of false markers

Additional improvements:

  • increased loading speed of textured models
  • added hole progress bar
  • separate filling of the hole with a separate thread to optimize the work of Calibry Nest during this process
  • improved tracking during scanning
  • user interface improved
  • random name generator