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Prusa 3D printers

Prusa is a Czech company offering 3D printers working in FFF and SLA technology. In our store, we offer specialized models of Prusa printers that allow you to create complex prototypes, industrial details and advanced production. Prusa 3D printers are synonymous with precision, reliability and innovation, and we are happy to help your company implement ambitious projects. In addition, the offer includes a wide range of materials for 3D printing.

What is a Prusa 3D printer?

Prusa 3D printers are devices that revolutionize the way of production. They use advanced additive printing technology, allowing you to create three-dimensional objects from a variety of materials. We offer a number of models that differ in the size of the working table, printing speed and construction possibilities. The Prusa 3D printer allows you to quickly produce high-quality details, without the need for expensive injection molds or machining.

Advantages of Prusa 3D printers

  • 1. Excellent precision: Prusa 3D printers offer unparalleled precision, resulting in accurate, dimensionally accurate details.
  • 2. High quality printing: Our Prusa 3D printers use the latest technology to ensure high quality of printed elements.
  • 3. Wide selection of materials: Prusa 3D printers allow you to use a variety of materials, from traditional plastics to advanced plastics, elastomers and metal.
  • 4. Scalability: Regardless of the size of your enterprise, Prusa 3D printers are the perfect solution. Print small prototypes or industrial series.
  • 5. Intuitive software: Prusa printers are easy to use with intuitive interfaces and advanced modeling software.

An extensive range of Prusa 3D printers

  • Prusa MK4 - Performance in a compact package. This model is an excellent solution for small and medium-sized enterprises that value simplicity and quality.
  • Prusa I3 MK3S+ - Versatility in its purest form. This model is a classic and reliable Prusa 3D printer, ideal for many different applications.
  • Prusa SL1S SPEED - Exceptional quality 3D stereolithographic printing (SLA). SL1S SPEED is an advanced device for demanding industrial applications.

Prusa 3D printers in Global3D - your production solution

If you are looking for advanced Prusa 3D printers, Global3D is the right choice. Our devices ensure efficiency, time saving and high print quality. Regardless of the industry in which your company operates, Prusa 3D printers are able to meet the most demanding projects.

We encourage you to contact our team, who will be happy to help you choose the right model of Prusa 3D printer for your needs. Innovation, reliability and quality - these are the values ​​that distinguish our offer. Join the group of satisfied Global3D customers and accelerate your technological development thanks to Prusa 3D printers.

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