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CONCR3DE 3D printers

CONCR3DE is a company specializing in the production of printers working in Binder Jetting technology. They allow you to print on materials such as gray granite, Carrara marble, foundry sand, limestone and black granite. The Armadillo White printer allows you to create your own material and is intended for research and prototyping. The Armadillo Black printer, on the other hand, is designed for rapid prototyping and the production of final parts and molds. Thanks to the CONCR3DE printer technology, we give entrepreneurs a unique opportunity to create the most durable and precise models, which until now were only in the realm of dreams. Check our offer!

Why choose a CONCR3DE 3D printer?

  • Highest technology: CONCR3DE 3D printers are much more than just 3D printers. They offer the latest printing technology that allows the implementation of the most complex projects with unprecedented quality and precision.
  • Materials of the highest quality: As a trusted supplier of specialist 3D equipment, we offer only the highest quality materials that guarantee excellent results. The CONCR3DE printers we offer work with a variety of materials, such as granite, limestone and many others, opening up a wide range of creative possibilities for using 3D technology.
  • Speed ​​and efficiency: CONCR3DE 3D printers are a combination of speed and reliability. Let your imagination run wild and our printer will do the rest. Save time and costs by taking advantage of our innovative solutions.
  • Professional support: Our team of experts is behind you, ready to answer any question and help you solve any problems. We give you the confidence that your 3D printing experience will not only be revolutionary, but also easy and rewarding.

CONCR3DE 3D printer models in Global3D

In our store, we offer the latest models of CONCR3DE 3D printers, including the popular CONCR3DE Armadillo White and CONCR3DE Armadillo Black series. What distinguishes these models?

CONCR3DE ARMADILLO WHITE: This 3D printer combines elegance with reliability. Packed with state-of-the-art features, Armadillo White allows you to print on a wide range of materials for unparalleled print quality. If you're looking for a printer that helps you express your creativity to the full, this is the model for you.

CONCR3DE ARMADILLO BLACK: This mighty 3D printer is a master of heavy duty. Designed to meet the most demanding challenges, Armadillo Black will allow you to turn even the most complex projects into reality. With reliable mechanisms and advanced features, this printer delivers excellent performance to help you succeed in the market.

Bet on professional CONCR3DE 3D printers

Global3D is where you'll find a wide range of industrial 3D printers. With our CONCR3DE printers, you can turn your ideas into reality, reaching new levels of innovation and quality. Regardless of whether you are an experienced entrepreneur or just starting your adventure with 3D printing, our printers will be your key to success.

Get carried away by the vision of the future that becomes reality thanks to CONCR3DE 3D printers. Discover the unlimited possibilities that await you at Global3D and enter the path of continuous development and innovation.

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