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Types of 3D printing technology

Darmowe programy do projektowania 3D

Promocja na drukarki 3D marki Zortrax

New filaments from the Barrus company - Available now.

New filaments from the Barrus company - Prices from 85 PLN.

3D Printers

BLIXET, ZORTRAX  and ULTIMAKER 3D printers, which can produce a variety of physical items, are becoming increasingly popular and available. Their costs are decreasing and they are increasingly reaching schools, colleges, libraries and other organizations around the world. The development of technology has made it possible to print almost anything today. In this way, parts of electronic devices, household appliances, means of transport or buildings are manufactured. You can print everyday items, food, medicines, medical prosthetics, and even ... human tissues.

3D Printers

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