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KODAK 3D printers

Aimed at the professional desktop 3D printer market, the KODAK printer consistently delivers accurate results and remains user-friendly. The KODAK 3D printer is characterized by features such as a dual extrusion system, a fully enclosed build chamber, a steel structure that allows you to create at high temperatures, and is complemented by software and a wide range of high-quality materials. Get to know our offer and discover the potential of our innovative solutions.


KODAK is a name associated with trust and quality. For more than a century, KODAK has provided solutions that change the way we look at the world of photography. Now the same brand is entering new territory - 3D printing. This is a clear sign that 3D printing has become an integral part of the future of the industry. KODAK 3D Printers put advanced technology in your hands to take your business to new levels of innovation.

Strengths of KODAK 3D printers

1. Innovation and quality in one - KODAK 3D printer

The KODAK 3D printers offered by our store have been created with professionals in mind. No matter the size of your business, KODAK provides the manufacturing tools to bring your ideas to life. Precision, reliability and efficiency are the features that distinguish our printers from the competition.

2. The multifunctionality of KODAK 3D printing

The KODAK 3D printer is not only a device for printing individual elements. KODAK 3D printers offer many applications, such as printing prototypes, tools, injection molds, components for mass production and much more. Thanks to our solutions, your company will gain a competitive advantage by shortening production time and lowering costs.

3. KODAK 3D printer - precision at every step

The KODAK 3D Printer provides unparalleled printing precision. Thanks to advanced mechanisms and precise temperature control, the devices guarantee excellent print quality. Regardless of the complex shape or small details, the KODAK 3D printer will meet the most demanding projects.

4. KODAK 3D - materials based on science and experience

KODAK 3D Printers work with a wide range of advanced materials. We offer filaments based on the latest scientific achievements, which enables the printing of elements with different mechanical and chemical properties. You can choose from different colors and types of filaments, adapting them to the specifications of your project.

5. Print green with a KODAK printer

KODAK 3D Printer cares not only about the quality of prints, but also about the environment. KODAK 3D Printers are designed to minimize the use of energy and materials. Thanks to this, your business can operate more ecologically, and the produced elements will have a smaller impact on the environment.

6. Technical support and service of KODAK 3D printers

Our experts in the field of 3D printing provide you with professional advice. We offer technical support at every stage of using KODAK 3D printers. Our warranty and post-warranty service will give you peace of mind knowing that your investment is in the best hands.

KODAK Portrait - a great choice for your business

One of our flagship models is the KODAK Portrait. This 3D printer is the incarnation of advanced technology and flexibility. Equipped with a dual head, KODAK Portrait allows you to print two different materials at the same time, which speeds up the production process and allows you to create advanced designs.

Reach for KODAK 3D printers - for your success

KODAK 3D printers in the Global3D store is an offer for entrepreneurs who are looking for the highest quality and reliability. Advanced technologies, flexibility, precision and ecology - you will find all this in our 3D printers. Thanks to KODAK 3D printers your business can open up to new possibilities and gain an advantage in the market. Trust a brand that has been providing innovative solutions for decades and reach for a KODAK 3D printer today!

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