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We accept files in the following formats: .STL .3MF .OBJ .STP.

If you have had contact with 3D printing or have designed 3D models in a CAD program, you will not have a problem with preparing the appropriate files. However, if you do not have experience in this topic, our specialists will provide you with information on the process of preparing files for 3D printing. It is also possible to prepare models for printing from scratch.

If you have any additional questions or problems, please contact us by phone or e-mail.

Our company offers the production of parts in SLS, SLA and FFF(FDM) technologies.

  • SLS technology - maximum print size up to 340 x 340 x 600 mm.
  • SLA technology - maximum print size up to 300x300x300 mm.
  • FFF(FDM) technology - maximum print size up to 500 x 500 x 570 mm.

3D printing services



3D printing services are an ideal solution for companies and enterprises that need prototypes, small series of products or single elements made in 3D printing technology. In the GLOBAL 3D online store, we offer 3D printing services at the highest level, using the latest technologies and the best materials. Below we present why it is worth using our 3D printing services.

Custom 3D printing - benefits of choosing our service

3D printing services on request is the service most often used by our clients. It allows for the execution of any project in accordance with the individual needs of the client. With custom 3D printing, you can easily test prototypes before committing to mass production. 3D printing to order allows you to quickly and accurately make single elements or small series of products. By choosing the GLOBAL 3D 3D printing service, you can count on:

Quick execution of the order

Our 3D printing services include not only custom-made 3D printing, but also the production of elements from our wide range of ready-made models. Thanks to this, if you need one or several elements, we can make them for you immediately, which saves time and speeds up production processes.

High-quality printing

Our 3D printing services guarantee the highest quality. We have modern 3D printers that allow us to make precise and accurate prints. We use only the best materials for printing, which allows us to obtain durable and durable elements.

Professional customer service

Customer satisfaction is the most important thing for us, which is why we offer professional service at every stage of the order. Our specialists are always available to help you choose the right technology and materials, as well as provide advice and guidance on the project.

3D printing for various industries

Our 3D printing services are aimed at entrepreneurs and business owners from various industries. 3D printing is particularly popular in the automotive, aerospace, electronics and medical industries. We can make elements needed for mass production, prototypes, tools, architectural models and even medical implants.

Professional 3D printing

FFF(FDM) - This technology offers the best value for money.

FFF(FDM) is a 3D printing technology that consists in applying successive layers of material by melting a thin plastic material wound on spools. This material is called filament and is made of many materials such as PLA, ABS or PET-G, also exists in the form of composites such as carbon fiber nylon.

SLA - printing technology using this method is characterized by a sensational resolution, precise mapping of details and a surprisingly smooth surface.

The SLA technology printing process consists in curing the liquid resin with a laser beam. The height of the hardened layers can vary depending on the needs, and the highest resolution prints are up to 25 microns. Resins available on the market offer a number of applications depending on the purpose of the printed model, so they will be perfect not only for prototyping, but also as final products.

SLS – technology that will be perfect for the manufacturing industry. Powder printing offered in this technology allows for high mechanical and chemical resistance. The printed models are characterized by a slightly rough surface, while maintaining the clarity of contours and good reproduction of details.

The production process of the elements with this method consists in sintering compacted powder by a laser beam. Because the powder supports the sintered part, there is no need for supports, which gives more design freedom. We recommend using this method for objects with complex geometry, where printing in a different technology would not bring such good results. The main material used in this technology is powdered Nylon, also known as PA in the industry.

DLP – combines speed and precision, ideally suited for the production of a large number of excellent quality components.

DLP is a 3D printing technology that cures photosensitive materials (photopolymers) with projector light, as opposed to the very similar SLA (Stereolithography) technology where resins are cured with a laser. Thanks to the use of LCD screens, the entire layer of the printed element is cured at the same time, which allows for rapid printing of a large number of elements. At the same time, it offers exemplary quality of printed elements, giving way to SLS printing only in terms of durability.

Frequently Asked Questions

We make final printouts based on .stl files, so please send files in this format. We also accept .3MF .OBJ .STP formats. In special cases, you can send us files in other formats, but then please contact us by phone or e-mail to arrange details.

Export to stl file is available in most 3D and CAD programs. It is important to select high quality when exporting the model to this format, because in the case of low or medium quality, the printed model may lose quality.

The valuation itself, whether from a technical drawing or a photo, is possible, but it may be strongly underestimated, due to the fact that we are unable to calculate the exact printing time and the amount of material used.