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Discover the world of precise 3D printing solutions with DIMAFIX accessories at Global3D. Our store offers the highest quality products from the renowned manufacturer DIMAFIX. Get to know the innovative DIMAFIX 3D printing accessories that will increase the quality and efficiency of your projects.


What makes DIMAFIX stand out from other brands? This manufacturer has gained recognition on the market thanks to its advanced technology and meticulous research. DIMAFIX accessories are adapted to the latest standards, which ensures reliability and durability.

DIMAFIX accessories - a guarantee of precision, reliability and efficiency

DIMAFIX Adhesion – A solid base for your projects. Safely and effectively gluing models to the printer bed is a key element of the 3D printing process. DIMAFIX accessories, such as DIMAFIX Pen, guarantee stability and precision. The unique formula ensures perfect adhesion of the layers, eliminating the risk of deformation during printing.

DIMAFIX Spray – Simple application, excellent results DIMAFIX spray is a quick way to achieve perfect adhesion. Wet the surface of the printer bed with one spray, and then enjoy a firm and even hold of the model throughout the process. Speed ​​up your work thanks to the easy application and effectiveness of DIMAFIX spray.

Choose DIMAFIX products in Global3D

Global3D, as a trusted supplier, offers only original DIMAFIX products, which guarantees their quality and compliance with the latest industry standards. In our store you will find everything you need in one place. Our wide range of DIMAFIX accessories allows you to tailor your choice to your individual needs, and express availability will ensure that your order arrives quickly and efficiently.

In addition, our customer service experts are ready to provide professional advice. Ask a question and get help in selecting the appropriate DIMAFIX 3D printing accessories, tailored to your needs and projects.

Optimize your designs with DIMAFIX

Develop your 3D printing skills using the latest DIMAFIX technologies and accessories. Trust Global3D as your partner in creating durable, precise and innovative designs. Optimize your printing process with high-quality DIMAFIX accessories, which are the key to the success of every 3D project.

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Dimafix pen


Dimafix pen


Dimafix pen is one of the most popular adhesives for FDM 3D printers on the market. It allows better adhesion between the printout and the ground, and allows easier detachment...