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We offer a full range of high-quality products from Aesub, a renowned manufacturer that is at the forefront of innovation in the field of 3D scanning. Our assortment includes unique accessories, proven 3D scanning sprays and much more. By entering the world of Aesub at Global3D, you will discover cutting-edge solutions that are revolutionizing 3D scanning processes.

Innovative Aesub accessories - reliability in every detail

Our range of Aesub parts and accessories is a real treasure trove of solid components that guarantee precision and durability in every 3D scanning process. These products are carefully designed and manufactured by Aesub, a recognized industry leader. Here you will find everything from precise sensors to high-performance components, focusing on solidity and reliability.

In Aesub's offer you will discover unique tools that will increase the efficiency of your 3D scanning. Aesub, as a world-renowned manufacturer, offers innovative accessories such as ergonomic handles, advanced data analysis software and special covers that protect devices against weather conditions. View our offer and highlight your creativity with the latest Aesub solutions.

Aesub 3D scanning sprays - perfect finish for every scan

Global3D is proud to present the Aesub line of 3D scanning sprays. These innovative products, supplied by the renowned manufacturer Aesub, are crucial to achieving perfect scanning results. Applying Aesub spray before scanning guarantees a perfect surface, eliminating potential difficulties and ensuring accuracy in the most demanding projects. Select quality, select Aesub.

Aesub products in the Global3D offer - confidence and professionalism

As an Aesub distributor, Global3D is committed to providing only original Aesub 3D scanning parts, accessories and sprays. Our offer provides customers with authentic and high-quality products. Together with Aesub, we strive to deliver products that exceed expectations, setting new standards in 3D scanning.

We invite you to explore the latest trends and solutions in the field of 3D scanning. Our range of Aesub parts and accessories for 3D scanning is a guarantee that your projects will become even more precise, creative and effective. Choose Aesub, choose quality, choose Global3D - your partner in the world of 3D printing and 3D scanning.

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AESUB Blue Spray


AESUB Blue Spray


AESUB Blue is a vanishing spray designed for 3D scanning. The spray creates a thin and homogeneous coating that does not require cleaning. AESUB Blue disappears from the...