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Formlabs 3D printers

In 2011, three MIT graduates built the first 3D printer that could achieve industrial, professional quality parts at an affordable price. This is how Formlabs was born, and thanks to Formlabs' constant commitment to innovation, it has become the largest supplier of professional 3D printers for stereolithography (SLA) and selective laser sintering (SLS) in the world.

The assortment of our store includes Formlabs industrial 3D printers that stand out from the competition, both in terms of print quality, precision and efficiency. Formlabs is a brand that will not only meet your expectations, but above all will open up new horizons of possibilities in the 3D world for you.

Why choose Formlabs 3D printers?

Formlabs is synonymous with innovation in the 3D printing industry. The company's team of engineers is constantly working on improving the technology, which translates into reliability, precision and incredible quality of printouts. It is thanks to their commitment that we can offer our customers Formlabs printers, which put a clear mark on the technological future.

The Formlabs 3D printers we offer are a perfectly balanced range of models that will meet the diverse needs of your enterprise. From small solutions to powerful industrial printers, Formlabs has the right model for every application.

As specialists in the 3D industry we perfectly understand how important the quality of printouts is for your business. Formlabs printers not only guarantee the highest quality of details, but also allow the use of a variety of materials, thanks to which your designs will become a reality with unparalleled precision.

Global3D is not only a place where you can buy your Formlabs 3D printer. We are also with you after the purchase, offering technical support and comprehensive service. Our crew is a team of experts who will be happy to answer your questions and support you at every step of your adventure with 3D printing.

Models of Formlabs 3D printers available in our store:

1. Formlabs FUSE 1+

FUSE 1+ Formlabs is a proposal for enterprises that require flexibility and high-quality printing. Equipped with advanced technology, the FUSE 1+ printer allows you to create complex structures from a variety of materials, tailored to the individual needs of your project.

2. Formlabs Form 3BL

The Formlabs Form 3BL printer is a solution for companies that appreciate a large working area. Thanks to this model, you can implement larger projects without having to divide them into smaller elements. The Form 3BL combines efficiency and reliability, offering excellent print quality at large scale.

3. Formlabs Form 3L

If you need even more printing space, Formlabs Form 3L will meet your expectations. This is an industrial device that is great for creating large models and large-volume elements. The Formlabs Form 3L 3D printer is a powerful tool that will allow you to implement the most ambitious projects.

4. Formlabs Form 3B+

The Form 3B+ is a Formlabs printer designed for the medical sector. Its advanced technology allows for the creation of medical models, prostheses and diagnostic tools. Precision and print quality make Formlabs Form 3B+ an indispensable tool in the world of medicine.

5. Formlabs Form 3+

Formlabs Form 3+ is a model that combines advanced technology and affordability. It's an excellent option for enterprises that are looking for a efficient 3D printer with excellent print quality, but not exceeding your company's budget.

We invite you to buy Formlabs 3D printers in the Global3D store, where quality, innovation and support come first. Choose Formlabs and we will open the door to a new era of 3D printing, full of unlimited possibilities.

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