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Professional implementation of 3D technology in your company

The GLOBAL 3D company is a team of experts specializing in the implementation of 3D printing and 3D scanning technologies in industry and in research and development units. We offer professional advice on the construction of entire laboratories and the selection of individual devices. Comprehensive implementation and high-quality training will contribute to the full use of innovative devices in the development of your company.

Professional advice in choosing the optimal device

Our domain is the implementation of innovative solutions dedicated to the client's needs, aimed at the use of 3D printing and 3D scanning technology in the development of companies and research and development units. We are happy to help you in the selection of both individual devices and the entire laboratory.

Innovative 3D printers and 3D scanners tailored to specialized needs

The GLOBAL 3D company, registered and based in Poland, is an official and authorized distributor of devices and accessories from leading manufacturers, offering full warranty and post-warranty service as well as professional service of the latest generation of 3D printing and 3D scanning equipment.

Comprehensive implementations in your company

We believe that innovation is created by people. As part of the cooperation, our experts carry out comprehensive implementations of the most optimal solutions aimed at the development of our contractors' staff and supporting the dynamic development of companies based on innovative solutions tailored to their needs.

3D printers

Our offer includes 3D printers intended for use in production companies, educational printers, amateur printers for home use and professional industrial 3D printers


3D scanners

Our offer includes 3D scanners for the digitization of small, medium and large objects. Professional devices allow you to scan sharp edges, black and shiny objects.


You need help?

Contact us and we will help you choose a device tailored to your needs.

3D printers, 3D scanners, materials and accessories for 3D printing.

3D printing is gaining more and more popularity and is becoming more and more used in various industries. The popularity of 3D printers also drives the development of the entire 3D printing industry and increases the range of applications. They are becoming more and more common. Along with their popularity, the number of their applications is also growing. They are mainly used to create prototypes and models. As of today, 3D printing is present in almost every branch of industry, from the advertising, automotive, plastics and aviation industries. The use of 3D printers allows for rapid prototyping of complex electronic components and parts for various devices in larger enterprises.

3D printers can be used by professionals and hobbyists. These devices allow you to create various objects of various shapes. Making product models using traditional methods can take a long time and be financially unprofitable. 3D printing is a modern technology that allows you to prepare realistic prototypes in a short time and at low costs. Even very complex shapes can be easily created, allowing you to efficiently make corrections and improve designs.

Our company specializes in selling the highest-quality Polish filaments and high-quality 3D printers. Our offer includes filaments with a variety of purpose and properties, in a wide range of colors.