The best filament for 3D printing with high temperature resistance

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Innovative and advanced 3D printing materials resistant to high temperatures are available on the market, opening new possibilities in production and design. In this article, we will help you find the best 3D printing filament adapted to work at high temperatures.

There are several high temperature resistant 3D printing materials that users can use for items that require special durability. In this article, we have collected the best materials for high-temperature 3D printing for FFF technology.

BCN3D Filament PET-G

Filament PET-G

An excellent filament resistant to high temperature is PET-G filament (polyethylene terephthalate with glycol modification). This 3D printing material is great for beginners because it is as easy to print as PLA filament , but more resistant to heat, water and chemicals.

For example, can withstand operating temperatures up to 70ºC. It is widely used for end parts that require good mechanical and thermal strength. In addition, PET-G is used due to its high resistance to water and moisture, which makes it an ideal material for waterproof elements.

Filament ABS

ABS filament (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) is a commonly used thermoplastic filament, popular among professional printers due to its stiffness and heat resistance . This 3D printing filament is often used for prints that will be subjected to high stress such as heat or impact.

BCN3D Filament ABS

ABS is an excellent option for high temperature resistant filament because it can withstand temperatures up to 100ºC. In addition to being heat resistant, it is also water and impact resistant, even at temperatures as low as -10ºC.

BCN3D Filament PP

Filament PP

PP(polypropylene) filament is well known for its exceptional chemical resistance, especially to alkalis, acids and organic solvents. In addition to chemical resistance, it is also a high temperature resistant filament.

PP can withstand temperatures up to 100ºC. Due to its smooth, light and transparent appearance, it is often used for food containers, liquid bottles, and other printed items that come into contact with water or strong chemicals.

Filament PP GF30

PP GF30 filament (polypropylene with 30% glass fiber) is characterized by even higher resistance to high temperature of 120ºC than in the case of PP filament, as well as additional resistance to UV. These two features make the PPGF30 material an excellent choice for the production of parts that must be resistant to various weather conditions.

BCN3D Filament PP GF30

This 3D printing material is also widely used in the automotive and aerospace industries thanks to its strong heat and chemical resistance and durability. However, it is still a light material for 3D printing. It can therefore be used to create prints that are equally durable, stiff and ready for weather conditions.

BCN3D Filament PA

Filament PA

Filament PA (polyamide) is another thermoplastic that is suitable for high temperature resistant 3D printing. With thermal resistance up to 120ºC, PA can withstand high temperatures for long periods of time, making it an excellent option if your print will be exposed to heat.

PA filament for 3D printing Thanks to its high resistance to heat, abrasion, oil and impact, it is often used to print elements that must be exposed to various environments. It is used to print a variety of manufacturing materials such as housings, washers, bearings, handles and snap-in joints.

The most high-temperature resistant filament for 3D printing - PAHT CF15

PAHT CF15 filament (high-temperature polyamide carbon fiber) is a very durable and technically advanced material. With 15% carbon fiber, it is both heat and chemical resistant, making it the most heat resistant 3D printing material on this list.

It can withstand continuous temperatures of up to 150ºC, making it the perfect filament to use if your print will be subjected to high temperatures for a long time. In addition to high temperature resistance, it is also characterized by high stiffness, durability and easy printability. This filament works best in the most advanced printing applications, such as moving parts or even replacing metals.

Filament BCN3D PAHT CF15

High temperature resistant filament - summary

To summarize, when it comes to finding high temperature resistant 3D printing material, there are plenty of options . Each high temperature 3D printing filament is available at many different price points, skill levels and strengths. In addition to high temperature resistance, many of them have additional functions that can help you choose the perfect filament for your print.


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