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Zortrax 3D printers

It is a Polish manufacturer of 3D printers working in FFF and UV LCD technology. The company has built a strong position on the global market of desktop 3D printers, while offering dedicated filaments, Z-SUITE software and additional devices to improve printing and post-production. In our offer you will find a wide range of Zortrax printers that will open up a number of possibilities, innovations and efficiency for your company. Get ready for a revolution in production processes!

Zortrax - synonymous with the best 3D printers

Zortrax is a brand that has won the trust of entrepreneurs around the world thanks to its reliability, precision and quality. Zortrax 3D printers are professional devices, equipped with the latest technologies that enable the creation of advanced prototypes, functional elements and ready-to-use products.

Our store's assortment includes many models of Zortrax printers, including:

1. Zortrax ENDUREAL - Your factory at your fingertips

We start with the flagship model - Zortrax ENDUREAL. It is a powerful industrial printer that allows you to create metal parts from durable materials such as stainless steel and titanium. ENDUREAL Zortrax is precision and efficiency in one, the perfect solution for demanding productions.

2. Zortrax M300 Dual - double performance, double precision

Another model that we would like to present to you is the Zortrax M300 Dual. This advanced dual-head printer allows you to print with two different materials simultaneously, allowing you to create advanced and complex geometries. If you need not only precision, but also variety in your projects, theM300 Dual Zortrax is for you.

3. Zortrax M300 PLUS - performance and size in one

For entrepreneurs looking for a larger working area, we have the perfect solution - Zortrax M300 PLUS. This printer offers a working area of ​​300 x 300 x 300 mm, which allows you to create larger elements without having to divide them into parts. Performance and quality in one device.

4. Zortrax M200 PLUS - classic performance, modern solutions

Zortrax M200 PLUS is a modernized version of a classic model that has won the recognition of users around the world. Thanks to its reliability and ease of use, M200 PLUS Zortrax is an ideal option for small and medium enterprises that need reliable 3D printers.

5. Zortrax INVENTURE - precision at every stage of production

Zortrax INVENTURE is an advanced dual-head printer with the ability to print soluble materials. With this model, you can create more complex designs using dissolvable support, which makes the production process faster and easier.

6. Zortrax Inkspire 2 - a guarantee of details at a microscopic level

Do you dream of printing microscopic elements with excellent surface quality? Zortrax Inkspire 2 will meet your expectations! This Zortrax DLP printer offers high resolution and precision, ideal for creating jewelry, micromodels and precision parts.

Zortrax 3D printers - your ticket to unlimited possibilities

By choosing Zortrax 3D printers from the Global3D offer, you get not only the highest quality of devices, but also access to technical support, 3D printing experts and a wide range of materials. This is your ticket to unlimited possibilities and creativity in the field of production.

We are convinced that Zortrax 3D printers from our offer will become an inseparable tool in your company. Allow your company to develop, optimize production processes and save time and costs. Choose Zortrax - a partner you can rely on when quality, precision and innovative solutions count.

Contact us today and discover a new quality of production thanks to Zortrax 3D printers!

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