Basics of improving grip: brim, skirt and raft

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In the world of 3D printing, one of the most important aspects is ensuring proper adhesion of the first layer to the work table. Without it, even the best-designed model may be deformed or completely destroyed. Improving adhesion is therefore a key element of success in 3D printing. In this article we will discuss three techniques: brim, skirt and raft, which can significantly improve the adhesion of prints.

The influence of 3D printing parameters on the mechanical properties

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This study aimed to investigate the influence of 3D printing parameters, specifically using the Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) technique, on the mechanical properties of the manufactured parts. The analysis involved examining 495 printed samples, with differences in key parameters such as extrusion temperature, printing speed, density, infill geometry, layer height and number of walls.

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