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Raise3D 3D printers

GLOBAL 3D jest oficjalnym dystrybutorem drukarek 3D Raise3D

The GLOBAL 3D company is the official distributor of Raise3D 3D printers in Poland. The purchase of 3D printers in our company is a guarantee of receiving an original device from distribution on the Polish market as well as fast and professional technical support. We run a professional 3D printer service center and offer spare parts dedicated by the manufacturer. In addition, we offer implementation training for the purchased device.

It is a manufacturer of professional, industrial 3D printers. As a leading manufacturer of industrial-grade 3D printers, Raise3D is committed to pioneering flexible manufacturing that helps customers increase their competitive advantage by leveraging the advantages of additive manufacturing.

Consistently delivering high-performance products, services and solutions, Raise3D strives to exceed customer expectations, thus maintaining the trust of entrepreneurs and many of the world's largest brands. Check out our offer of Raise3D 3D printers and place an order for the selected model!

Raise3D - synonymous with precision and efficiency

Raise3D 3D printers are a combination of excellent workmanship, efficiency and advanced technology. High-class components and precise mechanisms ensure reliability and accuracy, which are extremely important in industry and for entrepreneurs. Raise3D has redefined the standards in 3D printing, enabling the creation of prototypes, tools, components and finished products with unprecedented precision.

Raise3D 3D printers are equipped with advanced features that enable even more effective and efficient creation. The intuitive user interface allows easy control of the printer, and the ability to operate over a Wi-Fi network gives you more freedom in managing projects. In addition, the large working space in the Raise3D PRO 3 Plus, Raise3D PRO 3 and Raise3D PRO 2 Plus models allows you to print even very large and complex elements .

Raise3D - More than 3D printers

Raise3D offers not only 3D printers, but comprehensive solutions that will speed up and improve your production processes. Thanks to specialized software and technical support, you can fully use the potential of Raise3D printers. Cooperation with Global3D will allow you to get a full range of services and provide access to the latest innovations in the world of 3D printing.

Raise3D 3D printer models available in the Global3D offer

  • Raise3D PRO 3 Plus - A model designed for the most demanding applications. Its large build surface, advanced features and reliability make the PRO 3 Plus Raise3D ideal for professionals who need unparalleled print quality.
  • Raise3D PRO 3 - Another outstanding model in the PRO series. Precise printing, ease of use and flexibility make Raise3D PRO 3 the perfect tool for a variety of industries, from medicine to industry.
  • Raise3D PRO 2 Plus - The model will certainly meet the expectations of demanding users. High print quality, stability and extensive functions make PRO 2 Plus Raise3D an excellent choice for companies seeking to improve their production processes.
  • Raise3D PRO 2 - This is a reliable device for those who need precise prints at an attractive price. Raise3D PRO 2 is a combination of efficiency and accessibility for every entrepreneur.
  • Raise3D E2CF - An innovative 3D printer that allows you to print carbon fiber. The E2CF Raise3D is distinguished by its excellent performance and enables the creation of exceptional components with increased durability.
  • Raise3D E2 - A model with advanced features and the ability to print two different materials at the same time. E2 Raise3D is a versatile printer that will help you realize even the most demanding projects.

Choose Raise3D printers from the Global3D offer

Raise3D 3D printers are synonymous with precision, efficiency and reliability. By offering comprehensive solutions, Raise3D enables entrepreneurs from various industries to maximize the potential of 3D printing. Cooperation with Global3D gives access to the latest Raise3D models, as well as professional technical support and extensive experience in the field of 3D printing. Choose Raise3D and enter a new era of space creation!

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Raise3D Pro3 HS 3D printer
  • -zł1,230.00

Raise3D Pro3 HS 3D printer

zł28,167.00 -zł1,230.00

Raise3D Pro3 HS 3D printer


Raise3D Pro3 HS is a professional 3D printer using Hyper FFF technology with a working area of ​​300 x 300 x 300 mm enabling fast 3D printing at a speed of 300 mm/s. The 3D...

Raise3D E2 3D printer
  • -zł1,107.00

Raise3D E2 3D printer

zł16,974.00 -zł1,107.00

Raise3D E2 3D printer


The Raise3D E2 printer is a device working in FFF technology with two independent extruders. The working field changes with the number of extruders used. For a single extruder,...