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Laboratories of the Future is a program oriented towards primary and general art schools. The program aims to develop creative and technical competences among students. As part of the "Laboratories of the Future", educational institutions will receive financial support from the state for the purchase of technical equipment necessary for the development of practical skills among children and adolescents.

Creative thinking and tool handling are one of the basic skills determining civilization, economic and social development. The increase in innovation and technological development have made skills, primarily in the field of technology and engineering - more important today than ever before. Future Labs is a step towards strengthening and making the existing process of acquiring knowledge and practical skills in these areas by students more attractive.

How to apply for funding under the Future Laboratories program?

Laboratories of the Future application

The school fills the villages through the website

Future Laboratories verification

The leading authority verifies and creates an application for financial support via the website

Future Laboratories examining

The application is examined by the voivode

Laboratories of the Future granting funds

The Prime Minister awards the funds, the voivode transfers the funding to the leading bodies

What can the support be spent on?

  • For innovative equipment, necessary for the development of practical skills among children and adolescents:

    • 3D printers with accessories (including applications, slicers etc.)

    • Microcontrollers with sensors, amplifiers, prototype boards and other accessories

    • Recording equipment for learning how to present your achievements (cameras, microphones, lighting etc.)

    • Soldering stations (for microcontrollers)

  • For programs and lesson sets that make educational activities more interesting, efficient, more creative and involving all sides of the teaching process.

Where can I find information about the program?

We realize that choosing the equipment is one of the most pleasant stages. Before that happens - it is necessary to complete the formalities. Below are some useful links to websites for detailed information.


Date Stage
September 15, 2021 Beginning of consultations on the equipment catalog
September 30, 2021 End of consultation
early October 2021 Announcement of the final version of the equipment catalog and starting applications for local government schools and leading bodies
November 30, 2021 Closing the application deadline for local government schools
December 31, 2021 The deadline for local government schools to use at least 60% of the funds allocated under the program
August 31, 2022 Deadline for local government schools to use the remaining 40% of the funds allocated under the program
September 1, 2022 The deadline for the delivery of the equipment of the Future Laboratories

Let's change education for the better together!

We offer you support in the field of providing integrated systems of modern educational tools supporting teachers in their daily work, while ensuring timely execution of orders. We guarantee technical support, training in the use of purchased equipment as well as service and after-sales service.

Please contact our Specialist who will guide you through the entire procedure of the Future Laboratories program. We also encourage you to visit our office in Nysa, where you can see the highest-class equipment for 3D printing and 3D scanning.

We are sure that the solutions proposed and supported by previous experiences will bring you satisfaction and enable students to develop their competences of the future.