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In the Global3D store you will find a wide selection of high-quality parts and accessories from the renowned manufacturer, Polymaker. Thanks to innovative solutions, Polymaker has gained recognition among the printing community, offering products that improve the quality and efficiency of the 3D printing process. Here is a list of the most important product categories worth knowing.

Polymaker accessories and parts - perfect finishing of the print

Polymaker accessories are a key element of equipment for every 3D printing enthusiast. Global3D's offer includes a variety of accessories that meet the highest quality standards. Filaments, adhesives and processing tools are just some of the products that will help you achieve perfect results. Polymaker parts are a guarantee of excellent quality and compatibility with various 3D printer models. Replacement nozzles or attachments are elements that affect the precision and reliability of your device.

    • Polymaker Polysher - unique smooth surfaces

Polymaker Polysher is an innovative device for finishing 3D prints. Thanks to nebulization technology, Polysher provides silky smooth surfaces, eliminating layers and imperfections. Perfect for materials such as PLA and ABS, Polymaker Polysher is a must-have for those who value the aesthetics of their projects.

    • Polymaker PolyBox II - precise filament storage conditions

In the world of 3D printing, proper filament storage is crucial. Polymaker PolyBox II is a humidity-controlling chamber that ensures optimal filament storage conditions. Thanks to this innovative box, the filaments retain their properties for a longer time, which translates into the stability of the printing process.

Manufacturer Polymaker - innovation and quality

Polymaker is a manufacturer that constantly raises the bar in the field of 3D printing. Their commitment to innovation and attention to quality make their products the choice of professionals and enthusiasts around the world.

Select Polymaker accessories and parts from Global3D

Thanks to the wide range of Polymaker accessories and parts available in the Global3D store, you can be sure that your 3D printing process will not only be effective, but also without any compromises in terms of quality. Choose innovation and reliability - choose Polymaker accessories for 3D printing.

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Polymaker Polysher


Polymaker Polysher


Polymaker Polysher is a device operating in Layer-Free™ technology designed for automatic smoothing of 3D printed models made using Polymaker PolySmooth filament.