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Laser / Metrological

GLOBAL 3D is the official distributor of Shining3D 3D scanners

GLOBAL 3D is the official distributor of Shining3D 3D scanners in Poland. The purchase of 3D scanners in our store is a guarantee of receiving an original device from distribution for the Polish market and quick technical support. We run a professional 3D scanner service. In addition, we offer implementation training for the purchased device.

Metrological 3D laser scanners are advanced measurement tools that use three-dimensional laser scanning technology to obtain detailed information about the shape and dimensions of objects. The principle of operation of the scanner is to produce a laser beam that moves along the surface of the scanned object and measures the distance from itself to points on its surface. Based on these measurements, the scanner creates an accurate 3D model of the object.

Metrological laser scanners from Shining 3D

3D metrological scanners are used in many areas, such as the aerospace, automotive, medical, architecture and even art industries. Scanners allow you to obtain very precise data on the shape and dimensions of objects, which allows you to precisely determine their geometry and check whether they meet the design requirements.

The use of metrological 3D scanners

In the aerospace industry, 3D metrology scanners are used to control quality and measure dimensional tolerances of structural elements, as well as to conduct stress and deformation analyzes during strength tests. In the automotive industry, these scanners are used to measure the geometry of body elements as well as braking and steering systems. In medicine, 3D scanners are used to create anatomical models and to plan and monitor surgical procedures. In architecture, 3D scanners are used to create models of buildings and rooms, as well as to measure the geometry of monuments and cultural objects.

In industry, metrological 3D scanners are often used in the production process to control the quality of manufactured parts and machine elements. Scanning objects allows you to precisely check their dimensions and shape and compare them with the design, which allows you to detect possible defects and defects. Shining 3D 3D scanners are also used to create representations of prototypes and models, which allows products to be tested and optimized before they are introduced to the market.

Metrology 3D scanner

To sum up, metrological 3D laser scanners are undoubtedly extremely useful in many areas where precise measurement of the dimensions and shape of objects is crucial. Due to the fact that these scanners can obtain three-dimensional data, they enable accurate analyzes and measurements, which may be insufficient in the case of two-dimensional measurement methods.

Another important aspect of metrological 3D scanners is their mobility. Many of them have a compact design, which allows them to be easily moved to different places, which is especially important in the case of field work.

In the case of medical applications, 3D scanners allow you to obtain anatomical models that are particularly useful in planning and monitoring surgical procedures. This allows doctors to plan exactly what steps they will need to take during surgery, leading to better results and reduced risk of complications.

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