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As objectively - EinScan PRO HD

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Shining 3D is a successful, experienced manufacturer of 3D printers and 3D scanners. Since 2004, the company has been developing its own ecosystem, consisting of hardware, printed materials and cloud storage services. The main goal of the company is definitely the production of devices for professionals, but in 2020 the manufacturer has decided to expand its offer also with devices for 3D technology enthusiasts. Shining 3D products are characterized by a low price compared to their Western counterparts and excellent functionality and quality of scans, which is equal to the most expensive devices on the market.

As objectively - EinScan PRO HD

As objectively - EinScan PRO HD

In our latest review, we would like to focus on the Shining 3D scanner - Einscan Pro HD. A device that, in our opinion, can be safely counted among the discoveries of 2020 on a par with the Thor3D Calibry scanner. But from the beginning.

The premiere of the device took place in the summer of 2020 and immediately caused a lot of confusion on the market, receiving a lot of good reviews in the press and industry portals, which translated into a lot of interest among potential buyers.

The Einscan Pro HD scanner does not differ much from the well-known EinScan PRO line of scanners. They are not inferior to them in the quality of workmanship and attention to detail. If you have worked with devices from this line before, you will greet with the Pro HD model as with an old friend who looks younger and more modern after a few days in the SPA. The perfect fitting of the device components, no squeaks and the feeling of cheapness increase the impression that we are dealing with top-shelf equipment. And this color. Dark golden brown combined with black - for us, subjective is a bull's eye.

EinScan PRO HD

EinScan PRO HD

The weight of the device is about 1.13 kg, which is very little for this quality device. It might seem that due to the rather simple and not very sophisticated shape of the device, it will not fit well in the hand and will tire during long work, but these are only appearances. A well-placed center of gravity and quality of workmanship contribute to excellent ergonomics. The scanner can be easily operated with one hand or, if necessary, mounted on a tripod. And that's when the device shows its power even when scanning small objects. Nothing stands in the way of combining the scanner with a rotary table, thanks to which the range of possibilities is even greater.

EinScan Pro HD is able to ensure high accuracy and quality of digitization in manual and static mode - 0.045 mm and 0.04 mm respectively. In manual mode, we have two scanning options: quick scan and precise. The maximum speed of data acquisition is 3 million points per second. If we ignore the characteristics and pay attention to the actual indicators, it turns out that the Shining Einscan Pro HD is really very fast. For example, the user will need less than 1 minute to digitize a color bas-relief measuring 220 × 71 cm. This is a very high speed for a device from this price range, so keep it in mind when choosing the device you want to work with.

Technology of collecting data about the scanned object based on white structural LED light, which consists in the fact that the scanner projector projects a unique pattern on the scanned object contained in the beam of light, which deforms on the object in a specific way. This deformation is recorded by sensors installed in the device, which allows the scanner software to calculate the 3D surface topology and create a 3D mesh based on it.

EinScan Pro scanner

EinScan Pro scanner is a device designed to scan various objects. It will be easy to use when scanning small and larger objects. The manufacturer specifies the maximum size of the scan to be about 5 m. This is half as much as in the case of the recently reviewed Thor 3D Calibry scanner. The optical system mounted in the device, according to the manufacturer's assurances, is so sensitive that it should easily deal with dark matte surfaces. And sometimes it is. However, it should be remembered that to achieve this, we need good lighting conditions in the workplace with the device. In the case of shiny or transparent objects, as in the case of other manufacturers, it is necessary to use a matting spray.

Using the EinScan Pro HD scanner, we noticed that in its case it is possible to work with the device outdoors, but at the same time avoid direct exposure to sunlight.

The scanner can also easily scan the human figure and scan the face, reflecting very small anatomical details, which largely predestines it as a device that will work in medical science in the process of creating prostheses and orthoses. Scanning color objects by following the texture, unfortunately, to achieve this effect, you need to buy an external module called by the manufacturer Color Pack.

For many, if not most users, the key advantage of Shining Einscan Pro HD will be the current price of about PLN 34 500 net. The specifications and ergonomics of the scanner made in China are comparable to their Western counterparts, but the cost of the Einscan Pro HD is several times lower. Even after purchasing external modules and additional equipment, the Shining 3D scanner competes in terms of price with Russian and American devices, and also surpasses the latter in terms of availability.

The EinScan 3D scanner comes in a thick cardboard shipping box with a very elegantly designed device box made of black lacquered cardboard with shiny inscriptions and a durable plastic handle. Inside we find, apart from the device itself; power cable, calibration plate with stand. A set of markers and a pendrive with the software, all of this carefully wrapped in black, very pleasant to the touch foam, which perfectly stabilizes the set's components.

After unpacking the scanner, it gives the impression that it is ready to work immediately after taking it out of the box, but before starting work, we should carry out the calibration process so that the scans performed reflect reality as much as possible. The calibration process is simple and fast, so even less experienced users can handle it with ease.

Einscan Pro HD 3D scanner

To handle the scanned objects, Shining 3D has prepared its own Exscan Pro software, which is characterized by high responsiveness and intuitiveness. From the simple, but not simplistic menu, we can choose the device's operating modes and then, after scanning in the post-process menu, we can easily edit the results of our work using, from tools such as smoothing, simplifying, sharpening, and editing an object. The software also allows for easy orientation in the coordinate system of the scanned object, which greatly simplifies the subsequent work with object models. The scan results can be saved to the most popular file formats such as; STL, OBJ, ASC, PLY, .3MF and P3 A very important feature of the Exscan Pro software is that it allows you to work without a connected scanner, it is very important due to the fact that the scanning process itself is basically the shortest stage of work and all the fun begins when processing files.

In the set with the scanner, we also get a license for the Siemens Solid Edge Shining 3D Edition software, which is an adapted version of the software specifically for the needs of the Chinese manufacturer. Thanks to this program, we are able to carry out the parameterization process of the 3D model to files supported by CAD / CAM programs and their further processing.

Shining 3D Einscan Pro HD

The main method of using the Shining Einscan Pro HD is manual mode. In the basic configuration, the scanner is designed to obtain a monochrome image. To create color 3D models, use the external Color Pack module, and to automate the scanning of small objects - a set consisting of a tripod and a turntable. In addition, it is recommended to use the markers included in the kit to digitize large objects with low color contrast.

To sum up, the Einscan Pro HD 3D scanner is a reliable device for designers and engineers who care about high-quality 3D modeling. The device is small, which allows you to easily move the scanner to any place. The scanner is easy to use and runs without complicated installation. The compact size gives you unlimited scanning possibilities. It will certainly find its application in most industries and science, such as the automotive industry, design and reverse engineering, medicine and the broadly understood protection of cultural goods. From our point of view, the Pro HD scanner is one of the most versatile and universal devices we have worked with so far and the price-quality ratio is really very high.