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As objectively - Einscan H

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In the next episode of the series, we would like to objectively deal with the Shining 3D 3D scanner - EinScan H. This model is one of the two iterations of the H (Hybrid) series, which uses a hybrid combination of two types of light, namely infrared light and white structural LED light .

As objectively EinScan H

As objectively - EinScan H

The Shining 3D company has created the H model as a response to the rapidly growing demand for scans of human shapes or 3D scans of the face, which are used in medicine and in the production of computer games. Where it is important to perfectly reproduce the human body, even in the smallest details.

The manufacturer got us used to high-quality equipment at an affordable price, and this is what we expected from the new line of 3D scanners and, as in the case of other Shining 3D equipment, we were not disappointed.

EinScan H

EinScan H

The scanner is delivered in an unusual package for scanners of this class. The shipping carton strongly resembles those we are used to in SE and SP devices. It seems that the change of the design of scanners from compact, cassette shapes to a device in which cameras, sensors and all electronics were placed in a kind of two working heads forced some changes and compromises.

Of course, for the new user and operator of the 3D scanner, changing the shape will not have the slightest impact on his work and feelings, so for people with experience in working with other Shining 3D scanners it may be a bit surprising. Nevertheless, the new way of holding the scanner turns out to be very comfortable and the design itself seems elaborate down to the smallest detail. Thanks to the rubberized grip, the scanner fits well in the hand and the access to the "trigger" is in the right place. Above the grip there are buttons that allow you to zoom or adjust the brightness. A great convenience is the built-in diode in the head, which informs us during work about the distance from the scanned object without having to look at the computer screen to which the scanner is connected.

The software that comes with the scanner is a remodeled ExScan, which also works in this case. Dark design and clear entire scanning process; from calibration to post-processing and measurements, ending with the usual trademark of Shining 3D.

In place of the predefined preset selection tree known from the PRO series, there is a possibility to choose the operating mode based on what we want to scan and not how we want to scan. We can choose from: standard scan, human figure scan and face scan.

  • standard mode is, as the name suggests, a universal mode for scanning all kinds of objects that allows you to adjust the scan settings similar to the scanners from the PRO series.
  • the silhouette scanning mode is a set of predefined settings that allow for a quick and effective scan of the entire human figure
  • the face scanning mode allows you to scan the face using infrared light, thanks to which the scanned person does not feel discomfort resulting from the flashing of the white LED lamp.
Shining 3D EinScan H

Although the scanner is intended to serve as a device for creating models of human figures and scanning faces; it will also find use in scanning other objects. In our case, we tried to scan the rims with quite good results, as can be seen. Rims can be very difficult models for 3D scanning due to their shiny surfaces and colors. Nevertheless, the EinScan H scanner passed the exam with a high, in our opinion, 4 plus mark.

Shining3D EinScan H

However, let's focus on its primary purpose, i.e. scanning human faces and silhouettes. How does it fare in this role? Subjectively, we can say that it's great. Working with the EinScan H for human scanning is a real pleasure. Scanning is fast and fun. The scanner very rarely loses track of an object. And the model generated in real time has the target texture immediately, thanks to which we are able to assess whether the generated model meets our expectations already at the scanning stage.

3D scanner EinScan H

Scanning a limb or part of the body will take about 2-3 minutes, but we know that an experienced operator can handle it much faster. When it comes to technical parameters, the EinScan H scanner looks better than very well in this price range. It allows you to scan at a speed of 1.2 million points / s in standard mode and 700 thousand. points / s in face scan mode. The accuracy of the scan is 0.05 mm in the standard mode and 0.6 mm in the face scanning mode. Thanks to the scanning field of 420 mm x 400 mm, we are able to quickly and efficiently scan also large objects, and the working distance of 480 mm allows for comfortable and ergonomic work with the object, without the need to take close-ups or move away from the scanned object.

All in all, the EinScan H scanner is the solution we've been waiting for to fill the medical science niche in terms of scanning capabilities. Until now, the only choice was Thor 3D's Calibers or buying peripherals for the PRO series scanners (2X, HD). Now at a surprisingly low price for a device of this class; we have a complete solution that, thanks to the ease of use, speed of operation and the quality of the created models, will meet the expectations of even the most demanding user. The scanner forgives many mistakes of new users and thanks to the low entry threshold it can be an excellent introduction to working with other, more advanced scanners. In addition to the medical industry, we believe that the scanner will also find application in the broadly understood protection of cultural goods - digitization of museum collections or in the design of AR or VR games or applications.

In such a short text it is difficult to describe all the advantages of the device, so we invite everyone interested to contact our specialists.