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Autocalibration & Metal Pack & PET CF15

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BCN3D presents the auto-calibration system in its 3D printers, the arrival of Metal Pack and the launch of the new CF15 PET filament.

BCN3D introduces new products that will take the 3D printing process to the next level.

The new year brings three new, carefully designed solutions that will accelerate the 3D printing process in many areas. The automatic calibration process ensures a faster and more reliable calibration process. Metal Pack allows you to create stainless steel parts. A new CF15 PET filament has also been introduced.

The beginning of 2022 begins with three new solutions that will take the 3D printing process to the next level. The auto-calibration process shortens the calibration time by 85% and reduces errors that could arise after a poorly performed semi-automatic or manual calibration. Metal Pack introduces the possibility of 3D printing from stainless steel in a 3-step process. BCN3D PET CF15 is a high-quality material with an admixture of carbon fiber, which is the easiest to print from this type of filament.

Autocalibration - an enormous time-saver

Calibration is an important process in order to obtain a perfect print. It is known to be one of the most difficult and unpredictable procedures. Consequently, the recent advent of auto-calibration in 3D printers has prompted the additive manufacturing industry to change the way users configure their printers.

BCN3D Autokalibracja

The new electronic system of BCN3D 3D printers controls a piezoelectric sensor, mounted on the print head between the head and the X-axis, which detects pressure to accurately measure the exact distance between the nozzle tip (from which the filament flows) and the print surface (part of which is built). One of the best applications of this sensor is mesh mapping, i.e. measuring the flatness of the printing surface. To do this, the head moves along 9 points arranged on the build platform to configure the most accurate Z-axis alignment.

Autocalibration also ensures perfect XY axis alignment. At the rear of the build plate, the square circumference is used to calculate the ideal offsets between the two heads, eliminating any risk of cross-printing between the two heads.

The automatic calibration process allows to shorten the configuration time to 6 minutes and reduces the risk of incorrectly performed manual calibration. This ensures precision and proper adhesion of the first layer.

BCN3D Metal Pack

Metal Pack is compatible with Epsilon BCN3D 3D printers and enables printing in stainless steel. The metal hotend, complementary accessories and the Ultrafuse® 316L and 17-4 PH filaments included in the kit allow you to print any model made of stainless steel. The materials included in the kit have large amounts of stainless steel in combination with polymer binders. The debinding and sintering processes are performed externally through Forward AM's current authorized supplier network.

Regardless of whether you are producing spare parts, functional prototypes or tooling, switch to an environmentally friendly solution that allows you to create models with virtually identical parameters as in the case of MIM or CNC. The strength and hardness of metal are now affordable, without the need to purchase a brand new printer. The BCN3D Epsilon 3D printer enriched with Metal Pack allows you to freely print from metal.

Filament BCN3D PET CF15


BCN3D PET CF15 is the newest material from BCN3D, reinforced with carbon fiber, characterized by high dimensional stability and very low moisture absorption. In addition, it has high heat resistance, high strength and stiffness. These properties make it perfect for industrial use and for applications in humid environments. PET CF15 has similar mechanical properties to PAHT CF15 and a lower chemical resistance than PP GF30. Additionally, it is compatible with support filaments.