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BCN3D Smart Cabinet - Premiere May 18, 2021

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On May 18 this year. BCN3D will introduce the long-awaited device for sale, which will complement the well-received by all Epsilon series 3D printers. Of course, we are talking about Smart Cabinet - a solution created to intelligently ensure optimal conditions for storing filaments and ensure the safety of your printer against sudden power cuts.

BCN3D Smart Cabinet

BCN3D Smart Cabinet - Premiere May 18, 2021

Smart Cabinet is not only a device for storing filaments in the right humidity. Smart Cabinet together with Epsilon W50 and W27 printers is a complete ecosystem designed to professionalize and optimize 3D printing. Intelligently integrated solutions designed and manufactured by BCN3D are a response to the requests of users of industrial 3D printers.

BCN3D Smart Cabinet Premiere

BCN3D Smart Cabinet

Smart Cabinet is designed to extend the life of materials, protect the filament and reduce printing errors caused by moisture, greatly improving the quality of the prints. Smart Cabinet is equipped with a gel that absorbs moisture from the air in the chamber. After saturation, the gel is isolated from the stored materials and then heated until all water evaporates from the environment. This process effectively keeps the filament dry and optimal for use.

Smart Cabinet can hold up to 8 small spools (from 750g - 1kg) or 4 large spools (up to 2.5kg) of filaments. Smart Cabinet integrates with 3D printers, materials and software, streamlining the workflow thanks to the fast and easy loading of up to eight filament spools. A synergistic approach to comprehensive solutions for professional / industrial 3D printing in FFF technology will surprise all new and existing users with how it can be optimized. printing process and ensure the safety and continuity of production processes.

BCN3D Smart Cabinet Epsilon

An additional advantage in this type of solutions will also be the increased mobility of the set equipped with Smart Cabinet, as well as the organization and simplification of the process of servicing and servicing printers, all thanks to the fact that the Smart Cabinet is equipped with high-class bearing wheels and a work desk with space for storing basic service tools.

At first glance, this may not seem like much, but reducing frustration when servicing devices or transporting printers elsewhere is invaluable.

BCN3D Smart Cabinet 3D printer

Due to the premiere of the GLOBAL3D s.c. device would like to invite all interested parties to the webinar prepared by the producer - BCN3D which will be held on May 17, 2021 at 15.00.

We would like to draw your attention to a few topics that, among others, will be discussed during the meeting organized by the producer:

  • Principles of operation of the device; operation of the chamber regulating the humidity of the filament and the emergency power supply.
  • Meeting with Smart Cabinet project engineers who will present their observations on the solution development process and the advantages of implementing Smart Cabinet in any production process.
  • Presentation of the official report on the impact of moisture on individual filaments and how to prevent this process when working with BCN3D 3D printers.
  • Session covering the answers to the most frequently asked questions about the basics of working with the device and technical aspects.
  • Case Study showing the implementation of the Smart Cabinet solution at CIM UPC on its production line and its impact on the improvement of production processes.

All you have to do is reserve your time in the calendar and register using the button below