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BCN3D takes over the AstroPrint 3D printing platform working in the cloud.

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BCN3D has acquired new key technology and expertise in developing its cloud solutions. In order to adapt the software to the hardware, BCN3D began working with the co-owner of AstroPrint, who was appointed Chief Software Officer at BCN3D.

BCN3D AstroPrint

BCN3D presents the new AstroPrint 3D printing platform working in the cloud.

BCN3D has acquired AstroPrint, a 3D printing software company known for its advanced cloud solutions that enable easy and efficient printer management. Both companies entered into an acquisition agreement in April last year, and completed the transaction in July. This investment gives BCN3D the opportunity not only to release a new cloud platform, but also to have an experienced programming team dedicated to the future development of BCN3D 3D printing solutions.

Founded in San Diego, California in 2013, AstroPrint is one of the most established cloud software platforms with over 200,000 registered users in 130 different countries, 60% of whom are based in the US and an average of 2,000 connected printers simultaneously. BCN3D will maintain AstroPrint as an independent platform and will continue to develop new functionalities for its user base.

To develop its long-term vision of providing high-quality solutions that enable innovators to create the future, BCN3D will continue to explore inorganic growth opportunities. AstroPrint on the BCN3D cloud will undoubtedly benefit both its customers and the development of Industry 4.0 in the near future and beyond. BCN3D will use the entire AstroPrint engineering team for future development to create brand new products never before seen in the 3D printing industry. The merger of the two development teams will be led by co-founder and CTO Daniel Arroyo, who will now also assume the position of Chief Software Officer at BCN3D.

„We see this as a new chapter in our quest for offering the absolute best possible solution to clients across both hardware and software. We are certain that this acquisition of a company with such expertise in this field will serve to boost our BCN3D printing profile to its full potential, and that the merging of our teams will undoubtedly entail countless benefits” – Xavier Martínez Faneca, dyrektor generalny BCN3D.

„Our collaboration with BCN3D brings us the challenge and pleasure of developing more advanced solutions for BCN3D clients. We are super excited to pair our software with BCN3D’s hardware in order to unlock tremendous value via deep hardware and software integrations and innovations ”- Daniel Arroyo, CTO i współzałożyciel AstroPrint oraz nowo mianowany dyrektor ds. oprogramowania BCN3D.

About BCN3D

BCN3D is one of the leading developers and manufacturers of 3D printing solutions in the world. Its main customers are Nissan, BMW, NASA, Camper, Louis Vuitton and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

About AstroPrint

AstroPrint is a standardized operating system and development ecosystem for 3D printers. Often referred to as "Microsoft in the 3D Printing Industry", it is set to become the standard platform that controls and distributes content to 3D printers The company was originally sped up by Techstars and includes investors Stanley Ventures, Mundi Ventures and 500 Startups.