Prusa Pro HT90: A revolution in professional 3D printing

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Prusa Research, a renowned leader in the 3D printing industry, introduces a new, advanced device for professionals - Prusa Pro HT90. This innovative 3D printer sets new standards in high-temperature industrial printing, offering exceptional performance and versatility.

Prusa Pro HT90 - A new dimension of 3D printing

Prusa Pro HT90 is an advanced tool equipped with a working chamber with impressive dimensions of Ø300 x 400 mm, enabling the creation of large, complex models with extreme precision. Thanks to the ability to reach printing temperatures of up to 500°C, this device opens up new possibilities in working with advanced technical materials, such as PEEK, PEI or PEKK.

Innovative Technical Solutions

Innovative Technical Solutions

The delta design used in Prusa Pro HT90 ensures excellent printing speed and accuracy. The closed, heated working chamber maintains a constant temperature of up to 90°C, which translates into high quality prints and minimizes the risk of deformation. This is especially important when working with materials that require precise temperature control.

Versatility of applications

Prusa Pro HT90 is a tool created for professionals from the engineering, automotive and aviation industries. The ability to work with a wide range of materials, from standard to advanced technical ones, makes this printer used in production high-strength functional prototypes, tools and spare parts.

Versatility of applications

Intuitive operation and advanced functions

Despite its advanced technology, Prusa Pro HT90 is user-friendly. A large, color touch screen and intuitive PrusaSlicer software facilitate the operation of even the most complex projects. PrusaSlicer offers over 180 tested and automatically updated profiles for the most popular filaments and resin, which greatly simplifies the process of preparing the model for printing.

Efficiency and speed

Efficiency and speed

Prusa Pro HT90 impresses not only with its quality but also with its printing speed. The device is able to print 1 kg of PETG or ABS in just 8 hours, which makes it an ideal solution for companies that need fast production of high-quality elements.

Cooling system and versatility

Prusa Pro HT90 is equipped with an advanced cooling system that allows work with standard materials such as PLA. This versatility makes the 3D printer suitable for both advanced industrial applications and more standard projects.

Cooling system and versatility


Prusa Pro HT90 is a comprehensive and advanced tool designed for professionals who are looking for a reliable and versatile solution to implement the most demanding 3D printing projects. Offering a unique combination of innovative technology, precision craftsmanship and versatility, this 3D printer represents a significant step forward in the field of industrial 3D printing.

Key Advantages of Prusa Pro HT90

  • High-temperature printing: Thanks to the ability to reach printing temperatures of up to 500°C, Prusa Pro HT90 allows you to work with the most advanced technical materials, such as PEEK, PEI and PEKK. This is especially important in industries where high strength and resistance to extreme conditions are required.
  • Large working chamber: The Ø300 x 400 mm chamber allows you to create large, complex models with unprecedented precision, which is crucial for the automotive, aviation and engineering industries.
  • Closed, heated chamber: Maintaining a constant temperature of up to 90°C in a closed chamber minimizes the risk of deformation and ensures excellent print quality, even when using materials that require precise thermal control.
  • Innovative delta design: The use of the delta design ensures excellent printing speed and accuracy, which translates into production efficiency and quality.
  • Advanced cooling system: Enables work not only with advanced materials, but also with more standard filaments such as PLA, which increases the versatility of the device.
  • Intuitive software and operation: A large, color touch screen and advanced but easy-to-use PrusaSlicer software with over 180 tested filament profiles simplify the process of preparing a model for printing, making the device user-friendly even for less experienced users.
  • Speed ​​and efficiency: Prusa Pro HT90 can print 1 kg of PETG or ABS in just 8 hours, making it an ideal solution for companies that need fast and effective production of high-quality elements.

Prusa Pro HT90 in an Industrial Context

Prusa Pro HT90 is not just a 3D printer - it is an advanced tool that will be used in many industries, including engineering, automotive, aviation, medycynie, and production of functional prototypes, high-strength tools and spare parts. Its ability to work with a wide range of materials and deliver high-precision prints make it an essential device for professionals who strive for innovation and excellence in their projects.

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