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TRILAB becomes part of Prusa Research!

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TRILAB becomes part of Prusa Research! The acquisition was announced at the Formnext fair that has just started in Frankfurt am Main.

Prusa takes over Trilab and moves to industrial 3D printing

TRILAB becomes part of Prusa Research!

TRILAB is a company based in Hradec Králové in the Czech Republic, founded in 2016 by Vojtěch Tambor and Michal Boháč.

PRUSA Research is one of the largest manufacturers of FDM / FFF 3D printers in the world. Until now, it has been unequivocally associated with the market of amateur and hobby devices. By joining with TRILAB - it entered the segment of professional devices.

Both the founders and the entire team of Trilab remain in the structure of the company, which from now on will operate as "Trilab - A Prusa Research Company".

Trilab 3D printers operate on the so-called delta kinematics, where the movement of the printhead is controlled by three triangular arms. The company's customers include companies related to the automotive industry, but also Lasvit glass producers. They use 3D printers to produce prototypes of the technical parts of their luminaires.

Currently, TRILAB offers two models, the Deltiq 2 and the more advanced Azteq, which has a fully heated body cavity, which allows the use of many engineering materials. This is a unique feature for delta devices. Azteq also includes a host of other features that are sure to come in handy in AM production, including remote control, quick-change magnetic printheads, advanced hotends, and more. It is able to reliably print from materials such as ABS, ASA, PA, PC, PP, as well as standard ones: PLA, PETG and CPE.

Thanks to the merger - Prusa Research will expand its scope into 3D printing and at the same time penetrate the B2B world.

“Trilab produces high-quality printers for the corporate sector and enjoys a very good reputation in this field. Our printers are mainly intended for home users, they are open-source and this approach may be a limitation in the area of ​​big industry, ”comments Josef Průša, who admits that the industrial area can be a catalyst for further development of the company.

Trilab's CEO Michal Boháč comments on the merger:

“Earlier this year, we realized that if we wanted to expand our business to other markets and thus accelerate our growth rate, we needed a strategic partner. After negotiating with foreign companies, it made the most sense for us to connect with a local partner ”.

“The reason is, among other things, the printing cartridges that Prusa produces under its own brand - Prusament, and which fit perfectly with our printers. Even now, when we show our customers the Prusament PC Blend prints made on our printers, they are excited, ”adds Vojtěch Tambor, Co-founder and Technical Director of Trilab.

Both companies will also cooperate in other areas. They intend to share development, business and marketing experiences. “We found that we complement each other perfectly. We have a great B2C system - without intermediaries, we are able to distribute our 3D printers and materials all over the world directly from our headquarters in Prague. Trilab has business partners not only in the EU, but also in Japan, Israel, Canada and Australia. Their business experience is completely different to ours, ”explains Josef Průša.

GLOBAL 3D - as the official distributor and service technician of TRILAB 3D printers in Poland, looks forward to the new stage of Trilab - A Prusa Research Company


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