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Filament BCN3D PVA

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BCN3D PVA is a water-soluble polymer, ideal for working as an auxiliary material for printing complicated geometries, large overhangs or complex cavities.

  • 2,85mm
  • Natural

  • 0,5 kg

BCN3D filaments produced by BASF and Mitsubishi Chemical

Filament BCN3D PVA 2.85mm 500g

PVA (polyvinyl alcohol) is a water-soluble thermoplastic, commonly used as an auxiliary material for 3D FFF printers. Optimized for the FFF production process, BCN3D PVA is compatible with most BCN3D filaments and can easily be printed to form support structures and then dissolved in plain water.
PVA supports help achieve better surface quality, orientate parts for better mechanical properties, and even print multi-component models and mechanisms.

Filaments BASF i MCPP

High-performance materials for professional prototyping

BCN3D filaments are manufactured by BASF and Mitsubishi Chemical, two of the world's best known chemical corporations. Experience and expert knowledge in the production of plastics, together with advanced production technology - provide filaments with the highest repeatability on the market. Each spool will consistently show the same quality and will always offer the same results.

Application of BCN3D PVA filament

PVA filament is a material used mainly to obtain support structures in places where supports of model material could prove impossible to remove. PVA after dissolution leaves a smooth and aesthetic surface of the model.

  • Exceptional adhesion with PLA
  • Also great in combination with PET-G, TPU and Nylon
  • Water-soluble supports for partially enclosed cavities and complex geometries
  • Sacrificial moulds
BCN3D 3D print from PVA filament
BCN3D PVA filament spools 2.85mm

Properties of BCN3D PVA filament

  • Improved thermal stability to avoid jamming and degradation issues
  • Dissolves easily with ordinary water
  • Compatible with most 3D printing filaments
  • Better printability
  • Moisture sensitive
  • Biodegradable

Printer setting

BCN3D temperatura stołu

Bed temp.:
60° C

BCN3D chłodzenie

Cooling fan:

BCN3D  prędkość druku


BCN3D temperatura druku

Extruder temp.:

210° C - 230° C

BCN3D wysokość warstwy

Min. layer height

BCN3D Cura slicer

For BCN3D Cura users

Get a proper printing profile for PAHT CF15 using the ones integrated into the BCN3D Cura. Download the latest version of BCN3D Cura.

Bed adhesion

To ensure good bed adhesion use Magigoo Pro PA.

PVA applications

Orient parts to get better properties

When printing with PVA, you are able to orient your model in any possible way to customize its strength or your aesthetic requirements.

BCN3D 3D print from PVA filament
BCN3D 3D print from PVA filament

Printing supports for elements suspended in the air

he BCN3D PVA was specially developed to work as a support material for PLA, Nylon, TPU and PET-G, so you can now print mechanical parts using support structures.

BCN3D PVA sample prints

Data sheet

Diameter tolerance
Filament diameter
Filament type
Net weight of the product

Data sheet

Diameter tolerance
Filament diameter
Filament type
Net weight of the product

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