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How XYZprinting is changing the automotive industry

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Time and accuracy count in the automotive industry. In the face of new technologies, the ability to rapidly build and test prototypes plays an important role in making better parts and reducing production costs. The 3D printing technology enables the acceleration of the testing process, thus shortening the working time and increasing production efficiency.

How XYZprinting is changing the automotive industry

Techniplas is a recognized leader in the design and manufacture of vacuum booster systems that eliminate the need for brake booster check valves. Techniplas vacuum boost collectors allow the use of a smaller brake booster, which saves money and space under the hood. Techniplas uses 3D printing technology in the process of creating and testing prototypes.


For decades, Techniplas has produced components that have helped transform the mobile and energy industries. As one of the first companies, it combines traditional and incremental production. With sensors, Techniplas generates and collects valuable data by connecting vehicle parts, components and systems that were previously not part of the data ecosystem. Techniplas has a strong position in the automotive industry and supplies components with unprecedented speed and quality for established and emerging technology companies.

XYZprinting Automotive

Mr. Brent Zollinger is Senior Director of Additive Manufacturing at Techniplas Digital. He has been working in the automotive industry for 20 years, developing products and processes. Thanks to many years of experience in the automotive and additive manufacturing industries, Mr. Brent has seen all types of technology work. He believes that 3D printing is an efficient and productive solution for the production of plastics in the automotive industry.

In the process of creating and testing prototypes, Mr. Brent needed a quick way to produce prototypes that would have a dimensional and rough surface similar to injection molded parts. However, due to the surface tension of the resin, small and medium gaps are particularly difficult to form in traditional SLA systems.

PartPro100 XP Automotive

Mr. Brent used the XYZprinting PartPro100 XP 3D printer to make prototypes. The dedicated software and the printer itself are intuitive and easy to use. The PartPro100 XP 3D printer ensures high quality and accuracy. The device also provides a faster print cycle. Resin loading systems ensure clean operation without wasting resin by delivering the correct amount to the print tray. The resin parts are very easy to remove, clean and cure after printing. This saves valuable time and ensures dimensional accuracy during the printing process.

The functional parts produced by the PartPro100 xP 3D printer far exceeded Mr. Brent's expectations. For Techniplas, 3D printing saved three weeks of production and $ 10,000. The XYZprinting PartPro100 XP 3D printer allowed to reduce the time and costs, which makes it an ideal device for the production of functional car parts.