EinScan HX: A revolution in quality control

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In today's industry, where large molds play a key role, precise measurement and quality control are becoming increasingly important. Whether we are talking about the production of cars, aircraft or electronic equipment, the accuracy of aluminum molds has a direct impact on the quality of the final product. Thanks to the modern 3D scanning technology offered by Shining 3D, this process becomes not only simpler, but also faster and more precise than ever before. The introduction of the EinScan HX scanner is a milestone in the field of quality control that may revolutionize the way manufacturers approach the inspection of their products.

EinScan HX: A revolutionary 3D scanner

EinScan HX is an advanced 3D scanner designed for scanning large objects. Its uniqueness lies in the use of hybrid technology that combines laser scanning and structured light. Laser scanning is ideal for working outdoors and in low light conditions, while structured light is perfect for precisely reproducing fine details. By combining these two methods, EinScan HX 3D scanner ensures extraordinary accuracy and high data resolution, which is crucial when working with large aluminum molds. This makes this scanner a versatile tool capable of meeting a variety of industrial requirements.

Key benefits of EinScan HX

Large scanning area

One of the most impressive features of the EinScan HX 3D scanner is its ability to scan objects with dimensions up to 4 x 3 x 3 meters. In practice, this means that entire forms can be scanned without the need to dismantle or move them. Traditional measurement methods often require complex and time-consuming procedures that involve dismantling the mold, which carries the risk of damage and additional costs. Thanks to EinScan HX, the entire process becomes much more effective. The scanner can be easily positioned and its mobility allows scanning in places that were previously difficult to access.

EinScan HX: A revolutionary 3D scanner

Scanning speed

The Shining3D EinScan HX 3D scanner also stands out for its speed. Thanks to advanced scanning technology, this device can quickly capture data, which significantly reduces the time needed for the entire measurement process. Traditional measurement methods are often time-consuming and require many steps, which can delay the entire production process. The Shining3D EinScan HX 3D scanner eliminates these problems, allowing you to collect data quickly and efficiently. As a result, manufacturers can respond faster to any irregularities, which translates into increased production efficiency and shortened production cycles.


The intuitive software and portable design of the EinScan HX scanner make the device extremely easy to use. Even people without specialized training can quickly learn how to use it. The scanner is light and easy to carry, which allows convenient scanning of large forms anywhere. Its design has been designed to work in a variety of production environments, making it an ideal tool for use in both factories and construction sites.

Key benefits of EinScan HX

High accuracy

The accuracy of up to 0.05 mm offered by the EinScan HX 3D scanner is extremely impressive and allows for precise reproduction of even the smallest geometric details of the form. This accuracy is crucial, especially in the automotive and aerospace industries, where the slightest deviation from design can have serious consequences for the functionality and safety of the final product. With EinScan HX, manufacturers can effectively detect any deviations from the CAD design, allowing them to quickly make necessary corrections. This not only improves product quality, but also avoids costly production errors.

Application in quality control

One of the most important applications of the EinScan HX scanner is mold quality control. The data collected by the scanner can be directly compared to CAD models, allowing any dimensional deviations and mold defects to be precisely detected. Geomagic Control measurement reports with visualization of deviations. Thanks to this, manufacturers can quickly identify and correct any irregularities, which translates into better quality of final products.

The ability to compare the actual mold geometry with the CAD design is invaluable. This allows you to quickly identify areas requiring improvement or modification, which contributes to the continuous improvement of production processes. In addition, 3D scanned models can be used to simulate molding processes, which allows optimization of production parameters and reduction of waste. Thanks to this, manufacturers can not only improve the quality of their products, but also increase production efficiency.

EinScan HX
EinScan HX

Benefits for mold makers

Using the EinScan HX scanner from Shining 3D brings a number of benefits to mold manufacturers. First, it significantly increases production efficiency. Fast and accurate scanning and automation of measurement processes allow for faster detection and correction of any irregularities. This, in turn, shortens production time and minimizes the risk of errors.

Secondly, the EinScan HX scanner allows for significant improvement in product quality. Accurate reproduction of even the smallest details of the form enables the detection of any deviations from the CAD design, which allows for quick reaction and making the necessary corrections. This makes the final products more precise and of better quality.

Another benefit is optimization of production processes. Based on the analysis of measurement data and simulations, manufacturers can make improvements to their production processes, which translates into increased efficiency and cost reduction. Faster verification of mold compliance with the design also shortens the time to market for new designs, which is extremely important in today's competitive business environment.

Finally, the use of the EinScan HX scanner leads to cost savings. Waste reduction, improved production efficiency and higher product quality translate into lower operating costs. Thanks to this, manufacturers can increase their competitiveness on the market by offering the highest quality products in a shorter time and at lower costs.

Thanks to the EinScan HX scanner from Shining 3D, mold manufacturers can effectively control the quality of their products, optimize production processes and shorten the time to market of new designs. All this contributes to increasing market competitiveness and strengthening the leadership position in the industry. The EinScan HX scanner is an investment that brings tangible benefits and opens up new opportunities in the field of quality control and optimization of production processes.

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