EXModel and EXModel Pro: A revolution in digital 3D modeling

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Nowadays, when technology is developing at a breakneck pace, 3D modeling tools are becoming an indispensable element of many industries. Shining 3D, a leader in 3D scanning technology, offers two advanced solutions: EXModel and EXModel Pro. These innovative programs are designed to simplify the process of creating precise 3D models, offering a wide range of features that can revolutionize your work. In this article, we will take a closer look at the functions and capabilities of these tools and their applications in various industries.

EXModel and EXModel Pro: A Revolution in Digital 3D Modeling

In the era of digital transformation, 3D modeling tools play a key role in many fields. From reverse engineering to industrial design and medicine, the need for advanced yet intuitive solutions is greater than ever. Shining 3D, a company known for its innovative 3D scanning technologies, has introduced two unique products to the market: EXModel and EXModel Pro. These programs offer advanced features that simplify the 3D modeling process and open up new opportunities for professionals in many industries.

EXModel i EXModel Pro

A complete reverse engineering solution

EXModel and EXModel Pro enable you to transform 3D scanning data into accurate CAD models. These tools allow engineers, designers and researchers to seamlessly move from scanning to a finished model, eliminating many tedious steps. These features are invaluable in the reverse engineering process where precision and accuracy are key.

Combining 3D scan meshes with CAD

One of the most important functions of EXModel is the ability to connect 3D scan meshes with CAD systems. This means you can scan an object, import the data into EXModel and immediately start working on the CAD model. This feature is particularly useful in industrial design, medicine and archeology where speed and precision are key.

Mesh editing: simplicity and precision

Editing meshes in EXModel is extremely intuitive. With segmentation, hole filling and smoothing functions, you can quickly reduce the size of your data while maintaining high precision. These tools allow you to create tight meshes, perfect for 3D printing or further reverse engineering.

Primitive extraction: speed and efficiency

EXModel's primitive extraction feature allows you to reconstruct basic shapes such as planes, cylinders, cones, and spheres. You can also create reference lines and points, which are necessary for precisely aligning meshes.

2D sketching with limits: precision at your fingertips

EXModel Pro takes 2D sketching to the next level. With advanced dimensioning and constraint tools, you can create precise sketches that rival those made in traditional CAD programs. Interactive cutting allows you to extract reference points and cooperate with world planes or CAD, which significantly increases work efficiency.

3D sketching and surface filling: creativity without limits

EXModel Pro allows you to draw freeform curves directly on the reference grid, which can be used to create filled surfaces or freeforms. The ability to create bounded surfaces from 3D sketches allows you to obtain perfect base shapes, which translates into more accurate results.

Hybrid modeling: flexibility and power

Hybrid modeling in EXModel Pro combines the capabilities of free and parametric modeling. Users can create CAD models that combine the features of freeform and prismatic shapes and then easily modify them, ensuring the highest flexibility and precision.

Applications in various industries

The possibilities offered by EXModel and EXModel Pro are almost limitless. In the automotive industry, these tools can be used to design and test new car parts. In medicine, precise 3D models can support the planning of surgical procedures and the creation of prostheses. In archaeology, digital models of monuments can be analyzed and shared without the risk of damaging the original artifacts.

EXModel and EXModel Pro are revolutionary tools that change the approach to 3D modeling. With advanced features and an intuitive interface, these programs are ideal for professionals in many fields. Regardless of whether you work in engineering, medicine, industrial design, or scientific research, EXModel and EXModel Pro can significantly simplify your work and open up new opportunities for you.

Invest in EXModel or EXModel Pro and discover new horizons of digital 3D modeling!

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