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Great promotions on the occasion of BLACK WEEK start today in GLOBAL3D! The promotion includes popular 3D printers and 3D scanners as well as a wide range of filaments. Check out our offer and take advantage of the most favorable discounts this year up to -30% on selected devices and up to -11% on selected filaments!

3D printers


3D printers from the Polish company Zortrax are devices with a large working area, enabling the production of professional and high-quality prints. On the occasion of Black Week - Zortrax printers with a -15% discount.


Delta-type printers are known for faster travel speeds while maintaining high precision. On the occasion of Black Week - Trilab DeltiQ and DeltiQ 2 Plus printers with a -10% discount.


3D printers from the Spanish company BCN3D - Epsilon W50, Epsilon W27 and Sigma D25 at a special price -10%.


Raise3D 3D printers are devices with a double extruder and a large working area. These devices are perfect for small-lot production and prototyping. On the occasion of Black Week - Raise3D printers with a discount of up to -15%.

-15% Drukarka 3D BCN3D Pro 2 Pro 2
-7% Drukarka 3D BCN3D E2 E2
-3% Drukarka 3D Pro 3 Pro 3


Ultimaker 3D printers are easy-to-use devices with a large working area. They provide accurate and high-quality prints. Now on sale -3%.

-3%Drukarka 3D Ultimaker S5 S5
-3%Drukarka 3D Ultimaker S3 S3


Award-winning 3D printers, combining ease of use and reliable, high-quality prints - on the occasion of Black Week with a -5% discount.


The most technologically advanced desktop 3D printers based on work in precise additive manufacturing methods, such as SLA and SLS. They are used in many fields, e.g. dentistry and orthodontics. Formlabs devices are characterized by intuitive operation and ergonomic design. Now on sale -3%.

XYZ Printing

DA VINCI 3D printers are devices working in FFF technology. They are one of the most versatile 3D printers in their class, they allow you to make high-quality prints. Now with -5% discount.


The KODAK Portrait is a professional desktop 3D printer built with performance and ease of use in mind. Solid steel construction, high-quality components and careful workmanship translate into failure-free operation while maintaining low operating and maintenance costs. Now with -30% discount.


Shining 3D Einstart-C is a compact, educational 3D printer equipped with professional functions, working in FDM technology. The printer has a fully closed working chamber and a chamber closing sensor, which makes the device completely safe to use. On the occasion of Black Week - with a discount of up to -20%.

Shining3D AccuFab-L4K is a precise 3D printer working in UV LED + LCD technology. The printer improves prototyping efficiency and shortens production time. The AccuFab-L4K has a 5-inch color touch screen that makes it easy to operate the device. Now available for purchase with a 7% discount.


Wanhao Duplicator 6 GR2 EDU is an easy-to-use 3D printer ideal for both beginners and more experienced users. Perfect for the production of prototypes, souvenirs, props and household items. The printer is used in educational institutions and small businesses. On the occasion of Black Week with a discount of -15%.


Affordable and available to everyone, high-quality FDM and resin 3D printers from Anycubic - with a -5% discount.


Creality 3D printers are among the most popular 3D printers for private use, impress with high product quality and excellent print quality. Both beginners and professionals appreciate the variety of filament and resin printers, numerous spare parts and many upgrade options on offer. Now with -5% discount.


A modern 3-in-1 device with a modular housing enabling 3D printing, laser engraving and CNC milling - with a discount of -5%.

3D scanners


THOR3D Calibry 3D scanners are lightweight, small-sized devices designed to scan small, medium and large objects. Calibry allows you to scan difficult objects such as: human hair, sharp edges, dark and shiny shapes. There are also 3 scanning modes: by geometry, texture or markers. Now with a special discount of Calibra-5% and Calibra Mini-up to -20%.


Shining3D 3D scanners are characterized by speed and high resolution of fine details. They are perfect for scanning dark and metal objects. The devices allow the use of several scanning modes, thus increasing the scanning possibilities for a larger number of applications. On the occasion of BLACK WEEK with a special discount up to -7%.


Familiarize yourself with the offer for 3D printing filaments. On the occasion of BLACK WEEK, filaments from popular manufacturers are up to -11%!

-11% Filamenty BCN3DBCN3D
-11% Filamenty ZortraxZortrax
-11% Filamenty Rosa3DRosa3D